The cost of stupid

There used to be a time when facts presented without empirical evidence weren’t called facts. Now, we’re inundated with unsubstantiated statements that are shared and talked about – without paying any attention to the source, validity, or even common sense. It’s a world gone mad. Or it’s just entropy on steroids. The arguments against gun Read More

Bringing your own technology to school

On Wednesday afternoon I was invited to a discussion at Dayton Public schools about the idea of letting students (primarily grades 7-12) bring their own laptops, tablets, e-readers to school. Dr. Melson, their head of IT led the presentation where I learned that by Dec. 31st all Dayton Public Schools will be completely wired with Read More

The value proposition of for-profit education

When tax dollars are involved, and our country is going deep in debt, it’s time to re-evaluate what we are investing in. I can already hear a few readers saying the government shouldn’t be involved in education at all, and I can hear others complain about our failure in Ohio to come up with a Read More

Inspiring kids- teched

The Dayton Grassroots Dayton Daily show takes yet another twist- now, we’re going to talk about educating kids – and inspiring them to grow their critical thinking skills. We were inspired by this article in today’s New York Times: (and yes, it’s one of those Harvard types that Greg is now saluting- watch Saturday’s Read More

Grassroots Dayton Daily Show: v.13 Education and the 18 school districts

Why do we have 18 school districts in Montgomery County? Why do we have several governments in many of these districts? Why do we insist on living on with lines on a map drawn for a different time, and a different place all these years later? Are we getting the best education for our kids- Read More

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