DPS needs to fire the captain before the ship sinks

Every minute that Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) reign supreme under Rhonda Corr, the talent makes plans to leave. The board, unwilling to admit their massive failure of hiring Corr, of keeping Baker (while turning Darren Powell into the only fall guy), of the insane Reduction in Force mid-year, the questionable real estate deals negotiated by Adil Baguirov (and maybe Corr?), the botched buyout of David Lawrence (probably their only option for a superintendent), then the failure to investigate allegations that Baguirov didn’t even live in the district, then allowing him to somehow negotiate a bus deal, without action by purchasing (an insane violation of board policy) followed by the resignation and pending investigation into the short lived tenure of Rhonda’s hand picked Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Markay Winston….

and now- the envelope please…. Leaving the Dayton Public Schools

  • Dwon Bush is leaving the district to be an Elementary School Principal in Huber Heights- if her name sounds familiar, it’s because they tried to RIF her, and had a student make a compelling plea to keep her.
  • Vanisa Turney-Crews, an assistant principal at Kiser is leaving to be the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Huber Heights.
  • Taylor Porter, who was Corr’s initial pick to be the principal at Meadowdale when the fan hit the shan, is going to Westerville to be an assistant principal.
  • Monica Utley, the principal of Fairview- gone.
  • Valerie Herdman, a future principal- gone.
  • Sam Eckhardt a superstar high school math teacher at Thurgood- leaving for Xenia. Math teachers are hard to come by.
  • Ralph Davis – is leaving, one of the key players in the Males of Color program.
  • And, because they haven’t had their new contracts boarded in their new assignments-  there are at least 2 more principals leaving Dayton and 1 more administrator.

The resignation deadline is July 10. There will be plenty more. And while next week there are going to be 2 meetings to negotiate a contract, Corr is the reason that talks got shelved until August.

As long as she’s on top, people are gonna go.

Best case scenario: The board investigates Baguirov, he resigns, Lee and Rountree step down early as they both clearly are tiring of the fight, 3 people who’ve successfully turned in petitions get picked randomly for filling in until the election.

The new board invalidates the Baker contract- fires Corr for cause, fires Hiwot Abraha who can’t get her work done on time, or run purchasing legally, brings back Darran Powell as Head Football Coach (we don’t have time for this sideshow) and gets down on their knees to ask Lawrence to step in as interim.

If they ask nice enough, he may even come in and count part of his buyout as pay until next June.

If they don’t stop the resignations, and get a tentative contract in place before July 7, 2017- or at least have a man with a plan, their may not be enough people to put on a show next year. My guess, is instead, we’ll see that Baguirov has successfully completed his mission- to turn the district into such a clusterduck that the State can come in and turn the whole district into a charter and hand it over to the alternate “school board” Learn to Earn Dayton, and make sure the right people get paid off.

The longer lists of resignations are coming. If you are planning to resign, feel free to contact me to be added to the list. Tell me where you’re going and why if you’d like the public to know what the Reign of Corr hath brought. [email protected]

Update: 1 hour after publishing- have unconfirmed reports of another star principal leaving, and one who is considered a grand dame- may be fed up and turning in her resignation as well if Corr isn’t removed ASAP.




Who is Dwon Bush, and why DPS board should be fired before her

On my wall is an Einstein quote: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

At the Dayton Public School Board meeting last night, a 17 year old young black male had the room in tears.  “I’m a young black male” and he’s succeeding because of someone they fired on the November Eighth- because the leadership has no imagination and limited knowledge. From today’s Dayton Daily news:

Several Dunbar students passionately asked the board to bring back the school’s early college coordinator, Dwon Bush, who was laid off last week. She oversaw the process of students taking college classes at Sinclair, and her departure left them asking what would happen next.

Jamont Mathews talked about how Bush encouraged him when he was struggling, helping him succeed to the point where he’s been accepted to Tuskegee University. “You don’t know what I’ve been through,” Mathews said, breaking down in tears. “Don’t take this away from me.”

Source: DPS board postpones further layoffs

But, here’s the thing- if the board hadn’t hired a rookie from out-of-town, and had competent PR, the money to continue Ms. Bush’s contract would have appeared faster than Dr. Baguirov bugged out last night.

Who went out to ask the Sinclair Foundation to subsidize Ms. Bush’s salary? To bridge it? Until enrollment goes back up? No one.
Who thought to ask the Principal how critical this position is to Dunbar- the “Early College Academy”? No one.

Who told this story of success? Before the leadership acted with bad data, supplied by incompetent staff, and adjudicated by some HR consultant who doesn’t know this organization at all.

It’s time for some heads to roll.

The board decided to not act in haste with imperfect data last night, but how can they let the previous mistakes made with imperfect data stand?

For example: MariJane Recob, director of the Challenger Center, actually brings revenue to the district. The “consultant” probably had no idea of what the Challenger center is- or that it’s one of 50 in the country, and that there would be training costs in bringing in a replacement.

Dwon Bush used to be the principal at Belle Haven. In switching over to running the Sinclair coordinator spot, the “consultant” probably just looked at the salary and said “cut.” Not realizing, that if you want Dunbar to be taken seriously and be able to attract students, the coordination with Sinclair may be more important than the Principals job- that’s why it’s called an “Early College Academy.”

No doubt, there are other people who this board was willing to cut, based on imperfect data, bad advice, and with the guidance of a rookie superintendent who never bothered to learn what was working before she felt she “had to break it to fix it.”

There are places this district could save plenty of money. One example, the site that hosts DPSTV- where I had to wait 2 days to get the footage of Jamont- starts at $2,388 a year. Youtube is free.

The board had 3 employees getting paid overtime during the 5.5 hour meeting- to put the chairs away. Save that for the next day.

It’s time to reverse all cuts of direct instruction/pupil interaction, and delay until summer. The administration positions, support positions, etc- how many can be eliminated via retirement? Reassignments? How much are we spending on outside legal counsel each year to make up for a legal counsel who just got a $30K a year raise and is giving the district poor counsel?

And, how many abatement deals did this board grant to companies like GE, Emerson, CareSource etc? Maybe next time, we ask our corporate citizens to pay their fair share.