Dr. Lolli

A few bad apples is all it takes

Since the new year, it feels like Dayton is having a shooting a day. And, if it’s not a shooting, it’s a fight at a Dayton Public School. Friends of mine made a documentary a long time ago about the sensationalism of the local news “If it bleeds, it leads” that talked about the easy Read More

Why there is no hope for Dayton Public Schools

There were two Dayton Day-Old News reporters sitting in on the Tuesday night business meeting of the Dayton Board of Education. I was there with camera rolling. There was Mario Gallin, the best candidate in the last election that the citizens chose not to pick. And there was the school board, minus the Treasurer who Read More

The DPS agenda, or lack of one vs the real agenda

It’s Saturday. DPS offices are closed. Yet, the agenda for Tuesday’s board review session isn’t posted yet. That’s pretty much par for the course. Sunday at 5pm is their target, as if they are all working away on weekends, getting everything right. The reality is, they just don’t want to share with the public. They Read More

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