Downtown Dayton

Explaining irrational behavior in Dayton, Ohio

prolog: A word that people bandy about when they bring my name up is “crazy.” That is until they actually know me. Unfortunately, I’m cursed with something that isn’t valued much in Dayton- a very high IQ. It’s one of those things that I don’t care about, but what I do care about is my Read More

David Esrati- starting boxing at Drakes Gym Dec 2011

Get your butt kicked in 2012

Nope, this isn’t a post about my 2012 congressional campaign, I’ll win that. This is about those resolutions you made last night while swinging from a chandelier yelling “I love you, man!” Yep, Americans love to head to the gym every January on a quest to lose weight and get in better shape. Most of Read More

Cutting costs doesn’t bring in new revenue. Dayton’s dilemma

Income tax revenues are down. Population is dwindling. Services are being cut. Size remains the same. Convert the above to a business: sales down, customer base shrinking, support staff is cut and we haven’t reduced our expectations for sales. Not exactly a turnaround strategy, and bankruptcy isn’t an option for the City. In the boardroom Read More

It’s all in how the Dayton Daily writes a headline

Have to hand it to the pessimists at the Dayton Daily News, all news is bad news— if it can be. The headline for this story is a prime example: Downtown Dayton restaurant closes, will relocate on Salem Ave. | Taste: Dayton food and restaurants Mary Ann’s Southern Kitchen and Catering has closed its downtown Read More