Deborah Feldman

Reality Check for the Dayton Development Coalition

The top paid administrator in Montgomery County is Deborah Feldman- her pay is around $180K That pales in comparison to what the Dayton Development Coalition pays its top honcho, who has been paid in the $300K range (numbers are hard to nail down because the DDC is always late in filing its financials). While all Read More

Duplication of effort amounts to kickbacks

Since when is a labor union a counseling service? And why would we pay a union to do what we already pay public workers (in a union) to do the same thing? (Well actually, apparently union workers need pre-counseling, to help acclimate themselves to the real world) Sounds like a kickback to an organization that Read More

No money for your rink, Mr. Gunlock

From, let’s sneak a tax hike through the backdoor, to no, we can’t afford your dream Mr. Gunlock (of RG Properties) County Administrator Deb Feldman must have felt the heat after one public discussion on where to build an arena. Montgomery County should not pursue a hockey arena and events center at the proposed Austin Read More

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