Dayton Police

Time to test the Civil Service Board?

Can you imagine a private business suing itself to force a change in its hiring process? Didn’t think so. Somehow- our city can’t figure out a way to hire qualified people and promote them. Apparently, this is rocket science. And, it’s costing us a lot to “fix” as well as for “remediation.” Considering much of Read More

A police/sheriff merger in Cincy- shades of things to come in Dayton?

Cincinnati is talking about outsourcing their police patrols to the Sheriff. By going through a fire/rehire, the Sheriff can put more officers on the street- and gain some economies of scale- not to mention, it’s a way to roll back salaries. Eventually, Dayton will be looking at similar options- or, go broke trying to keep Read More

What would Cory Booker do? Same as David Esrati would: The Pointview Solution

I hate to make this a campaign statement- but, forming committees is NOT the way you quiet a problem neighborhood. Nor is sending letters- the way to solve the problems on Pointview is to camp out- just like Newark Mayor Cory Booker used to do: For five months in 2000, Booker took to the streets; Read More

Another South Park criminal caught by the DPD

It was 12:15 am and my former housemate was coming home to his cottage down the street. He saw a guy on a bike riding down the street checking door handles on parked cars. He went into his house- called the police and then went back out to see where our perp was headed. Just Read More

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