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How has this site impacted you?

Before I threw my hat into the ring for Congress, I was asked to speak at the Dayton Rotary as part of a panel on blogs/Web 2.0 and how it was changing things. I’ll be on stage with Bill Pote from Dayton Most Metro and David Bowman. I’m sort of the “Granddaddy” of Dayton blogs- Read More

Barack Obama needs you- and what you can do

I’m having a nightmare flashback today- the 2000 election, and the popular vote doesn’t pick the winner. Fast forward to the Democratic National Convention 2008, the delegates are split pretty closely- and it comes down to the votes of the “Super delegates” and the deals begin in the backroom- and all of a sudden we Read More

Montgomery County Democratic Party site doesn’t want your input either.

It’s bad enough they were still endorsing Dick Chema for the OH-3 race of 2006, when it’s 2008– but, apparently, you can’t comment, or send a message- or use their blog either (maybe it’s because my name was in the message?;-) Degenhart Family Blog » Blog Archive » Dayton Daily News Democratic Endorsement…What is the Read More

David Esrati interviewed by DAVIDeBOWMAN podcast

I can’t knock on 25,000 doors between now and March 4. It’s too bad, because I’d like to meet all the people I need to vote for me for this to continue to November. While postcards are nice, and this website is even better, sometimes, people just want to hear what a candidate has to Read More

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