Credit card rate reform

Time for bankers to work for a living?

While conservatives always rail against regulation, we’ve seen what happens when greed is allowed to run the store. From the auto industry to the financial services industry, greed hasn’t proved to be a reliable, sustainable business model. Government didn’t wake up until the 5 alarm fire had burned Wall Street to the ground. The “bold Read More

Fed cuts rate to 1.5% yet, you won’t see a cut on credit card interest rates

Once again, the Fed has cut the rate it charges banks for money, in an effort to spur the economy. Uncle Sam takes care of those “too big to fail” yet- absolutely fails the consumer it claims it’s trying to help spend more freely. Now at 1.5% we’re getting close to giving away the dollar Read More

Why Johnny Q. Public can’t pay his mortgage but can bail out Wall Street

Our system is broke. It’s now as morally bankrupt as Wall Street. The American dream is now a complete and utter farce and the belief that the people we elect actually “represent” us should be forgotten as fast as they forgot us with this “bailout”. Johnny can’t pay his mortgage for a whole bunch of Read More