We eat gas for lunch.

The Dayton Daily (I can’t bear the idea anymore of including the word “News” with their name) tells us Chick-fil-A Express is closing downtown: The Chick-fil-A Lunch Express restaurant at 10 W. Second St. in downtown Dayton will close at the end of business Friday, Sept. 24, via Chick-fil-A’s downtown Dayton restaurant to close | Read More

It’s hard to compete with the Government

There has been a question about what kind of deal Art Chin and Jerry Gillotti had on their spaces in the Transportation Center. Now, it appears that a new tenant is getting a “sub-prime” lease from the city- reputed to be around $2 a square foot (extremely low). Reported in the Dayton Business Journal: An Read More

Urban Nights tonight- cya downtown

It’s the twice annual expedition to the wilds of downtown by the isolated suburbanites. Get your fill of art, culture, architecture (that won’t fall over when a car hits it) and real live people. All kinds of galleries, restaurants, bands, artists and a chance to see what you’ve been missing in your self-contained sterile boxes Read More