City Manager

What can we do to make Dayton government more “citizen friendly?”

I might never have stepped foot inside City Hall if the city had done a better job of establishing a relationship with me, Joe Citizen. Instead, we started off on the wrong foot when a housing inspector told me I was screwing up by putting new garage doors on my $14,500 dump (it seems I Read More

Reflections on running for City Commission

500 signatures takes time. It’s ok, really. It’s been warm the last few days making it much easier. Never-mind that it only takes 50 to run for Congress, or County Commission. I don’t mind talking to people either, it’s always great to hear from citizens. But, I have one peeve. People learn where you live. Read More

Am I Dayton’s non-gay version of Harvey Milk?

Jeffrey at Daytonology made a nice comparison of me to Harvey Milk. I’m glad someone sees the similarities. Like Harvey Milk David Esrati has run multiple times for office. In the case of Harvey Milk, though, the election law was changed in San Francisco to bring back ward elections, meaning Harvey Milk finally won an Read More

How to balance the Dayton budget- and get union cooperation

While the rest of us may have to cut our cable bill, eat meat less often, drive less and otherwise tighten our belts through the latest economic crunch, the three main Dayton unions aren’t willing to budge on pre-negotiated automatic raises. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Commission that knows how to advise a City Manager Read More

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