Candidates Nights

Opportunities to meet the candidates

Tonight starts the series of meet the candidates for Congress events. We have have one per night all week – and then next week. I’ve noted events that also include the Republicans as well (don’t expect Turner to show up). I’ll be at the following events- and will video tape and post each candidates speeches Read More

Two minutes, two minutes, two minutes. Why I hate candidates’ forums.

I’ve got a lot to say. We’ve got a lot of issues. And two minutes isn’t enough to talk about anything in depth. I just was at “the last” candidates’ forum- at Wayman A.M.E. on Hoover. No Q&A- just 2 minutes. Should I have talked about being a veteran and a small business owner? Or, Read More

Why should you support Gary Leitzell?

We’ve yet to see a real debate between the candidates for Mayor. However, as someone who has watched them go through their paces, night after night, the difference becomes clear: one is a professional politician going through her coached responses (heartfelt as they may be) and the other is someone with a passion for innovating. Read More

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