So now, they start working on a plan for the local economy?

The fact that they are doing it behind closed doors doesn’t even bother me anymore. I’m used to violations of the “sunshine laws” in Dayton. The real question is, how come they haven’t had a plan- and have been actively working it?

City, county and state officials met Tuesday, June 16, to devise a plan to grow the region’s economy by focusing on aerospace, sensors and composites — areas with potential to produce NCR-caliber companies.

The closed meeting at City Hall was led by Lisa Patt-McDaniel, acting director of the Ohio Department of Development.

via Officials meet about drawing NCR-like companies to Dayton.

And, what exactly is a “NCR caliber company.” Are we talking NCR of old, because if we are looking for the corporation as a benevolent contributor to social causes, those days are over. If we’re looking for the NCR of today- a cutthroat company hell bent on milking the government for tax breaks because it is “big”- who needs them?

Why is there such a focus on jobs? If I ran a restaurant, constantly looking for new customers without concentrating on the quality of my fare or the delivery of service, I might be able to fool enough people to come once (especially if I pay them to come), but I won’t get any repeat business nor turn a profit.

Our government leaders have totally neglected the idea of investing in the quality of product and the delivery of their services, and that’s why they are in the position they find themselves in today.

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