Smoke free Dayton? Long overdue.

Last night I went to Cincinnati to see Matisyahu at Bogart’s in Clifton. Rode the BMW down in 28-degree weather- (thank you Gerbing’s heated gear!) and didn’t even mind paying (well, I sort of minded) $60 to a scalper for a ticket.

The show was worth it- but it would have been so much better if it were in Columbus where it is smoke free. My sinuses were still bleeding this morning.

Less than 27% of Ohioan’s smoke- except when they go out and have to endure this vile habit, forced upon them by the idiots’s who are trying to kill themselves. If Ohio wants to compete as a location to relocate your high tech workforce- it’s time we stop forcing people with brains to submit to those low-tech fools who smoke.

Here is a link to my pictures from the show– plus a little quicktime video of his solo rap.

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