Six dollar ticket, seven to park- shame on UD

If the NCAA held the play-in game anywhere else, they might have 1000 people in attendance. At UD, they bring over 8,000 between the 64th and the 65th seed.

Because it’s a six  dollar ticket, my friend and client, Bill Daniels of Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory, gets a bunch of guys to go watch the game (over 400 this year).

No one cares who wins- in fact, we have signs we use each year- Go 64th Seed, Go 65th Seed.

So, it’s really too bad, that UD decides to gouge the fans with a $7 dollar parking fee. Anyone complaining about the parking at the Nutter Center? I’ve never been charged more than $5.

Even the lots outside the Dragons games- don’t charge more than $5.

And once you get in the door- you still have to pay top dollar for soda, popcorn and hot dogs.

Shame on UD.

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