Six dollar ticket, seven to park- shame on UD

If the NCAA held the play-in game anywhere else, they might have 1000 people in attendance. At UD, they bring over 8,000 between the 64th and the 65th seed.

Because it’s a six  dollar ticket, my friend and client, Bill Daniels of Dayton’s Original Pizza Factory, gets a bunch of guys to go watch the game (over 400 this year).

No one cares who wins- in fact, we have signs we use each year- Go 64th Seed, Go 65th Seed.

So, it’s really too bad, that UD decides to gouge the fans with a $7 dollar parking fee. Anyone complaining about the parking at the Nutter Center? I’ve never been charged more than $5.

Even the lots outside the Dragons games- don’t charge more than $5.

And once you get in the door- you still have to pay top dollar for soda, popcorn and hot dogs.

Shame on UD.

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And it’s not just that it’s expensive, it’s horribly organized and inconvenient. I took my daughter to the Xavier game a few weeks ago. I don’t attend very many games, so I don’t have the whole “when and how to get there thing” down. It took us 30 minutes to drive from Dewey’s Pizza on Brown Street to the stadium. The students walking from the campus passed us on the Stewart Street bridge and were already in their seats by the time we found a parking space, which was clear on the other side of Welcome Stadium. And at the end of the game – freezing rain ! Then it took us another 30 minutes just to get out the parking lot ! Like I said, I didn’t have the inside “scoop,” but is that really necessary ? All and all, a bad experience. The UD Arena has serious access and parking issues. This is something they may want to address considering all the new property they have recently acquired.