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Questions for A.J. Wagner- our future mayor

Last night I let the community know about A.J. Wagner’s new Wagner for Mayor website. One of my readers has already claimed the twitter account that the Washington. D,C,. developers failed to claim, despite telling the world to follow @WagnerforMayor His fundraising button to ActBlue doesn’t work yet either. And, the brilliant D.C. developer also Read More

New housing options for a new Dayton?

I’ve talked on this site.about SRO housing before, as well as co-housing.  SRO stands for “Single Room Occupancy” and it’s illegal in Dayton- despite there being a few “grandfathered” examples- and some operated by social service agencies (the DePaul Center on St. Clair being an example). Of course, the other name for SRO and co-housing Read More

Duplication and abdication: Urban League

Yesterday, I spoke about “The league of extraordinary gentle women” who rule over Dayton non-profits by being the gatekeepers to corporate guilt/gelt. They administer the doling out of millions a year in the forms of grants and operational funding of our insane patchwork of non-profits that supposedly provide valuable community services and arts and culture. Read More

The curtain is raised on the Downtown Dayton Plan

The video rocked. The presenters- not so much. I started a round of applause when Gene Krebs of Greater Ohio in his intro said “We don’t have too much economic development. We have too much economic development bureaucracy” – to a room filled with “economic development” types. The room was literally- standing room only- and Read More

A plan for working with what we have: Housing in Dayton

It was nice to see the same day the Dayton Daily News covers the candidates on housing, they also did an article on banks walking away from homes that they foreclosed on. I’m the only one who addresses this issue in my answers: Esrati: Neighborhood associations key Esrati calls Dayton’s neighborhoods “the building blocks of Read More

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