Reviewers in fantasyland

Terry Morris is the dance reviewer for the Dayton Daily News. I’m wondering why. Imagine a movie reviewer who would say things like- “Brokeback Mountain” would be better if it had John Wayne in it.
That’s sort of how his last review (not available online) of local dance troupe Rhythm in Shoes went. He spent more time about how their “best dancer” was missing that actually reviewing the performance. Last I checked, Nate Cooper has been out of Rhythm in Shoes for at least a year- and has made guest appearances. That’s the sort of thing you do when your Mom runs the company. Granted Nate is an incredible talent- but his absence isn’t relevant to the review of the performance.
“Dayton would be great if” disease strikes the Dayton Daily News again. Instead of focusing on the positive- Rhythm in Shoes gives this community an amazing, entertaining show every time! We have people employed in the media that focus on the negative- even if they have to work hard to make one up.
How does the Dayton Daily News find so many bitter, miserable people? And what makes them think we want to read this drivel?
What do you think?

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