Raid on Mike Foley, Clerk of Courts office

A few weeks ago, Mike Foley, the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts fired two employees in his legal division, Tyler Starline and Christy Ahrens were sent packing. Today, law enforcement executed a search warrant in the Courts building.

Sources say that Foley was asking county employees to do either campaign work- or provide private legal assistance on the taxpayers dime. Typically, when law enforcement raids a public officials office, they know what they are looking for.

This is a change from the “Culture of Corruption” investigation of 2019, in that the target is white, republican and still in elected office. There is no mention of the investigation on any news site.

Because I’m tired, and I don’t get paid to report the news like the hack Josh Sweigart at the Dayton Day-old news, I’m going to just state that you heard it here first, and any news station that reports it should say that this story broke on

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