Printing T-shirts for Esrati for Congress now

screen printing esrati for congress shirts

Hand screen printed, limited editions

Right now, in our conference room, we’re printing out our limited 1st edition t-shirts.

We started offering them with the first $25 and up donations, and now still have 6 left for $50 and up donations.

They’ll be available at the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday- with a $50 donation for in-person donations.

No other Democratic candidate has this much going on with their campaign already.

The shirts have the logo on front with Congress 2012.

The backs say “No Pacs, Special Interest, Corporate money accepted ever!” and “” Congress 2012

Get over to the campaign site and donate now!

We’re reusing old yard signs for the primary- and they will be ready to pick up for display on private property at the pancake breakfast.


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