Who to vote for: Dayton Public School Board- and why

This post is late. Mostly because I’ve been trying to get a crazy dangerous lawyer locked up before he shoots someone- and because I have to respond to a Federal Court motion trying to pretend that the FBI and the DOJ aren’t two parts of the same doughnut. More on those- and the outrageous miscarriage of justice concerning a paraplegic stopped for a minor traffic violation- who was forcibly removed from his vehicle by cops who should have been fired by now.

But- for today: What voters need to do to fix Dayton Public Schools.

There are three candidates certified on the ballot- for four seats. There are 4 write ins. You are going to have to all vote for one on the ballot- and three write ins. And when I say all of you will have to work to make this work- I mean it.

First- you need to go over to my 501(c)4 site- www.reconstructingdayton.org and read this post: Mysterious Meetings for Mysterious Contracts

It’s a well documented story of how Mohamed Al-Hamdani broke the Ohio Sunshine laws (again) to hire his friends and family through a contract illegally. Who’s Mohamed’s best friend? Nan Whaley- and who works for Shared Resource Center? Nan’s hubby- Sam Braun. The School Treasurer, Hiwot Abraha clearly said we don’t need them. But, Mohamed will need a job when he’s done being on School Board- so he’s making sure he can get one later. If you’ve never heard of SRC- don’t worry- they, and the organization they are a part of- the Montgomery County Educational Service Center are both operating illegally- and squandering millions of your tax dollars.

This leads us to 2 of our current board members- one on the ballot, and one who “failed” to get her petitions certified. I’m going to explain why both of them shouldn’t get re-elected. Jocelyn Rhynard is on the ballot- and Karen Wick Gagnet- is asking to be written in. Karen and Jocelyn had a fund raiser sponsored by Nan Whaley tonight- at Karen’s restaurant Coco’s on Warren Street. Both of them took part in hiring SRC  in an illegal secret meeting- and voted to spend your money without so much as telling any of us what it was for. If Ohio Sunshine laws weren’t a joke- all seven board members would be removed from office for this.
But- beyond that- these two women elected William Harris, a total idiot, to be the board president – out of the gate- over picking a veteran school board member like John McManus. The reason they did this- is because he is Black- and they were told to do it. See this  post and video:Apparently, skin color is still how we judge people
They allowed Mohamed to run an illegal school closure task force- even before he was sworn in. DPS: Special meetings are to avoid scrutiny
They sat there like morons- while a woman gave a presentation of how to spend $400K for consultants- with slides that still had lorem ipsum text: Why there is no hope for Dayton Public Schools

They allowed Rhonda Corr run David Lawrence out of the district, then fired her, and made an even worse move in hiring Libbi Lolli- and then kept her, even giving her raises. That she hasn’t been fired, or jailed, for her incompetence that borders on criminal is unbelievable.

We don’t need more of Jocelyn or Karen.

As to Joe Lacey, we already fired him once, said no to him again- and yet he comes back. Here’s a video you need to watch before voting for Joe: Bullies on the Dayton Board of Education
and realize, he was the best buddy of Dr. Adil Baguirov- who, well, broke so many laws, including the one key one- not living in the district-International Man of Mystery: Adil Baguirov
No Joe, not this time, not ever.

So that leaves you with one candidate on the ballot: Chrisondra Goodwine she even has a website. She’s an attorney, and I’ll even excuse the fact that she worked at the Dayton HRC- which is where the criminal Roshawn Winburn accepted bags of cash to steer contracts. She got on the ballot- and she can’t be worse than the other two who are on it.

As to the remaining three who you will have to write in, none are professional politicians or internet saavy. They need you to write their names in.

  • Ronnee Tingle see her FB page- “The Real Mom’s Running for Dayton School Board” where she and Goodwine are running together. I’ve been friends on FB with Ronnee for a long time- and have appreciated her commitment to getting the best out of DPS for her kids.
  • Eugene Jackson- I can’t find a link to anything for him. The DDn had him as “a retired DPS teacher and YMCA director”- again, anyone is better than Rhynard, Lacey or Wick Gagnet at this point.
  • Ken Hayes – has a site, Ken’s Comp blog where you can find out more. He’s been endorsed by the incompetent Dayton Education Association– who don’t have their endorsements posted. I won’t hold that against him.

You really need to tell all your friends- vote for Goodwine, and write in Ronnee Tingle, Eugene Jackson and Ken Hayes, or you can forget it.

Reality is, write in’s have a very slim chance of beating anyone on the ballot- and there is a good chance that only one of them gets elected.

Rhynard and Lacey are far from stupid- but, they also seem to have zero interest in adhering to the law, respecting the voters, or making good decisions. So, at this point, you better hope that the three remaining school board members, Dr. Pickett, Mr. Sampson and the Rapper known as “N-Word Man” get their act together.

The man who saved the world

It gets old writing about drug crazed lawyers, crooked politicians, bad policies and violations of the sunshine laws.

The Nobel committee just finished their week of handing out the prizes named after the inventors of dynamite- a substance to blow things up with. The Nobel’s were Azerbaijani’s- the only reason I know that, is because a local PhD, Dr. Adil Baguirov, from Moscow University, who ran unopposed for school board- and received a quarter of a million dollars from what the Guardian dubbed the “Azerbaijani Laundromat,” wanted to make a movie about the Nobel brothers with Brad Pitt.

Normally, blowing things up is something Esrati.com strives for. In this case, it’s to right a wrong. An unrecognized achievement of epic proportions. Something the Nobel committee won’t do (they mostly don’t hand out Nobels to dead guys- but for a few exceptions), but maybe, President Joe Biden will decide to bestow the Medal of Freedom to the two men who laid the groundwork for the mRNA vaccines.

The Medal of Freedom is an award bestowed by the president of the United States to recognize people who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” Unlike the Nobel, it can be awarded posthumously. You’ve never heard of the discoverer of mRNA, but I’m sure you’ve heard of Moderna and Pfizer Bio-N-Tech and their mRNA based vaccines- and you’ve probably heard of these folks who all been awarded the Medal of Freedom: John Wayne, John F. Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Lyndon Johnson, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Thurgood Marshall, Cesar Chavez, Walter Reuther, Roberto Clemente, Jack Kemp, Harvey Milk, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, Elouise Cobell, Grace Hopper, Antonin Scalia, Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth.

Now, why would Esrati be writing about this? Well, because I grew up hanging out at this Case Western University’s bio-chemistry professors home, with the younger of his two sons, Paul Astrachan. Paul is five years my senior and to this day, one of my best friends.

Dr. Lazarus "Larry" Astrachan, discoverer of mRNA

Dr. Lazarus “Larry” Astrachan

Hanging out at college professors homes was nothing new to me, I spent almost every Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family of Dr. Leroy Klein, who also taught at Case- in the biology department. It was a little different at the Astrachan’s house- because both of Paul’s parents were Dr. Astrachan – making things confusing sometimes. They wanted me to call them Larry and Myrtle, but, unless they were together- I stuck to Dr.

Larry’s real name was Lazarus, and you can read a pretty good summary of his work in his NY Times obituary. His findings were cited by all the guys who did win the Nobel prize for discovering DNA- Crick, Watson and Wilkins in 1962. You, me, and most of the world won’t and don’t understand the complexity of DNA- and the enormity of the implications in health care, but, if you want to read a Cliff Notes version, I found this article to be semi-understandable: The path to sequencing nucleic acids

Just like figuring out how to split the atom was the final evolution of dynamite- figuring out Messenger RNA was the bombshell discovery that made the connection to how DNA actually worked. In the book “Landmark Experiments in Molecular Biology” By Michael Fry He calls it a bombshell- not me:

Years later, Watson provided a likely explanation for the lack of reaction to the Volkin and Astrachen’s 1956 presentation:

There were […j two potential bombshells. [the other mentioned “bombshell'” that Watson was referring to had been Arthur Kornberg’s report of DNA synthesis by cell-free extracts of E. coli]. One was the report by Elliot Volkin and Larry Astrachan from Oak Ridge that the unstable RNA made after phage T2 infection had a base composition very similar to that of T2 DNA. Years later, we realized what they were studying was the very RNA made off DNA templates involved in protein synthesis. Their talk pushed the alternative idea that this RNA was a precursor on the way to being transformed enzymatically into DNA.

In 1958, the Oak Ridge group reported that exposure of E. coli bacteria to radioactive 32P isotope at the time of their infection by T7 bacteriophage resulted in rapid labeling of a minor fraction of RNA.

The people in Oak Ridge Tennessee have picked up on the work- and it’s implications to the world in the throws of the Global Covid Pandemic. A local news outlet focused on work of Larry and his partner Volkin:

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ style=”border:1px solid #e6e6e6″ src=”https://www.wbir.com/embeds/video/51-9856e132-b0b6-4882-8563-ee390b2cab39/iframe” allowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” mozallowfullscreen=”true”></iframe>

But when I was growing up, Larry was just Paul’s dad, and my sharpest memories of him come down to two interactions. One of the best parts of being at Paul’s house was that Myrtle was nothing like my mom- she used to go to the Stouffer’s and Hostess outlet stores- and had a giant freezer in the basement and a microwave. My mother made EVERYTHING from scratch- and a microwave wasn’t in the house until well after I left home. My dad went and bought one when my mother was on a trip home to England- she threatened to leave him if it stayed in her kitchen. The compromise was to buy a wooden cart, to put the microwave in the corner. Myrtle would whip out Stouffer’s french bread pizza’s – and frozen Ho-Ho’s- she was my junk food pusher- and I adored her for it. We were in their “breakfast nook” when I had made a statement about something. Larry asked me why I thought that- and he listened intently, with follow up questions. He treated my ideas as valid, and he was genuinely interested in how I formulated my opinion- and he valued my answers and built his questions around them and left me feeling smarter.

His own sons didn’t do too bad in the smarts department either. Eric, who I didn’t meet until the funeral for Larry in 2003, had gone to MIT. He had been working as a chemical engineer in Sumatra when I was hanging out with Paul. Eric, remembers a campus visit with his dad where they popped in on Watson over at Harvard for a chat. Paul remembers Crick and Watson at their house in Cleveland Heights on Colechester.

Paul was a late bloomer and started a tow truck business. I spent many summer nights with him on his 8-8 shift working for Johnny’s Service on Lee Road- going to pick up the wrecks called in by the police. It was instrumental in my belief in the value of seat belts- and the first time I’d seen someone’s brains- being swept up off the street. When Paul was 14, he had talked his way into a job repairing pinball machines for a local distributor. He had 2 pinball machines in the house- another reason to hang out there. When we went to bowling alley’s to play the newest game- Space Invaders, I’d stand and watch Paul turn the game over- he had a knack for pattern recognition along with an amazing dexterity with the controllers. Finally, Paul decided to go to college at Bradley University in Peoria Illinois, where he majored in electrical engineering. He was there when I was starting school at Cleveland State- and my visit to him in Peoria- via Greyhound, was where I first saw a modem in use, experienced a PC- and saw the text and cursor based game- “Adventure” which Paul had also mastered and “beaten.” He went on to work for Honeywell, and then Motorola and is named in 20 odd patents – mostly based on his knowledge of both analog and digital circuitry- as well as being able to program in Assembly language before most people knew what a computer was.

Which leads to the second recollection of Larry. Before Paul went off to Bradley, he had another interest besides pinball, space invaders and his 1972 Corvette that he had rebuilt after someone wrecked the back end- he was an avid volleyball player who had an unfortunate injury to his rotator cuff. He had his surgery at the  Cleveland Clinic by the Brown’s team doctor to surgically repair his shoulder. I smuggled him in a Whopper- after he complained about the lousy food. The ‘vette was a 4 speed, and while he could shift it- it didn’t have power assist steering and was a bitch to turn. He’d gotten a power assist pump from a junkyard, but with his arm in a sling, couldn’t install it. So, I was his grease monkey- and I had zero experience working on cars- I don’t even think I’d used a socket set before then. Paul’s sitting in a lawn chair, overseeing, I’ve got the hood up, and Larry comes out to watch. He’s got a huge smirk on his face, watching his son, do a modern day Huckleberry Finn- getting me to paint the proverbial fence- and paying Paul to do it. Somehow I managed to get it right- but, even then, Paul never let me drive that car.

Paul married another engineer and had two daughters. They were young when Larry died. I went up before the funeral, and helped keep them occupied while the adults prepared the house, and figured out what to do. My golden retriever Ulli, was still a puppy- and the girls adored her. I took them for ice cream at Baskin & Robbins. They sent me drawings of Ulli- and our ice cream afterward as a thank you. Those kids weren’t slouches either, Jennifer ended up at MIT too after getting perfect scores in math and language in the SAT- and played volleyball all 4 years, interned at Google and got a job at Dropbox. She never got a “B” in her life and graduated from MIT with a 5.0. She was tutoring calculus as a freshman. Now she’s working at a tech startup. Kristin went into chemical engineering like her uncle, and is working for Frito Lay. She maxed the SAT in math.

Paul likes to remind people of how Larry could do a crossword puzzle in his head and you could recite 17 digits to him- and without fail, he’d be able to repeat them back to you.

Anyone who says big brains aren’t partially genetics is off their rocker. And, when it comes to genetics, we wouldn’t know near as much as we do, had it not been for Larry and his lab experiments.

There are still a lot of people who don’t trust the mRNA vaccines- thinking they were rushed through the approval process- and somehow this might make them less than safe. The argument makes me laugh- the same people who don’t trust the government telling them to take the vaccine, seem to think that government approval if done over a long enough period of time is somehow OK. The reality is, this work on mRNA started in 1955- and the drug companies have been working on mRNA vaccines for the last few decades. All that had to be done was insert the gene sequence of Covid19 into the vaccine and it was ready to test. Because of the number of people dying from Covid, it was much easier and quicker to do large scale testing than it is for other vaccines- and to check their work. No, we don’t know what could happen 10, 20, or 50 years from now as a result from the vaccines, but, we did know that death was an inevitable outcome in many people if we didn’t find a vaccine that proved effective to thwart death.

To that end, we owe a debt of gratitude to Larry Astrachand and Elliot Volkin. It’s time to recognize their achievement in saving the world.

The fall of Aaron Hartley

This is the fifth installment of the saga of one bad lawyer run amok.
The first story I published on August 2nd 2021 was “How does a lawyer as bad as Aaron P Hartley still get to practice law in Kettering?” and that should have prompted some local news attention. It’s not every day that a lawyer gets found guilty of assault. But, it wasn’t just the assault- it was the civil suit about sexual harassment as an employer and forcing an employee to have sex as a condition of getting and keeping a job. The brief was salacious. There were also a lot of other pending lawsuits. All in all, it was a shit storm in the making.
Right after publishing that- with the input of multiple victims, more victims came forward. Similar stories. Lawyers told me they’d known he was a train wreck. His addictions were water cooler talk.

Aug 14 I posted article two- wondering why if it appears on Esrati.com it doesn’t seem to be important. This wasn’t all about Aaron Hartley- it was also about the lawsuit I’d filed in Federal Court to get access to tapes of Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley that were played to the Grand Jury in the “Culture of Corruption” case. Is it news? Or is it Esrati?
August 30, I reminded my readers of more than a few stories that had developments. Hartley was on record as giving up on being a lawyer- and his trial dates kept getting moved- it was a small bit of a long post. When no news isn’t good news
September 18, Hartley’s date with a judge got postponed yet again- and I demanded an explanation of why this was taking forever. I shared some other victims stories. Justice delayed is a legal strategy that needs to end: The saga of Aaron Hartley

Somehow I missed the Sept 10th filing by the judge of an explanation for the delays. Maybe it’s because Kettering Courts current Public Records aren’t really public- you have to ask for them. If this was indeed filed on the 10th- the day after a telephonic conference to set dates- it may go down as the fastest filing by a judge in history.

Judges itinerary Sept 10 ADA

Apparently, this last post was too much for Aaron Hartley and he went to Facebook to rant- on the night of 22 September into the morning of 23 Sept. He’d been off FB since July 5th- and in a stream of consciousness he shared what he really thought was going on. And while plenty of people forwarded me screenshots- I could just go to Facebook and copy and paste. I did- and sent it to the Kettering Prosecutor.

Some choice excerpts- and I’m editing because he doesn’t deserve the pulpit:

I’ve been begged to take this down, but no. You really need to be aware, fully, of my thoughts. Michelle, again, you need to thank me for my forbearance. You are so very, very, very welcome for my patience with you, my kindness, and my forebearance. You are a blessed, lucky girl.. It’s not a threat. It’s simply a statement of fact. You are a blessed, lucky woman. Must be nice to be you and to have the complete freedom to facilitate allegations that an attorney has choked his own daughter, his very best friend. And to continue, to perpetuate,, and to reinforce the accusation. I couldn’t imagine needing money that much. To be that desperate. But, God has blesssed me. May God bless you. When this is over, my license will be gone, or yours will be. With your general level of bullshittery, I’d say handbags at three paces. In this instance it’s pistols at ten.. I do not want to hear your continued bullshit about how you didn’t know about the DVCPO until after it was filed. You’re a liar. You know you are. And I will take over your IT systems to prove it. You can’t have a fire like Anne, you can’t have a saving EM pulse. You are done if you persist with this fuckery.

Wait. Here’s my daughter. Who I allegedly choked in October 2020. Michelle Macriowski, I’m still waiting on your thanks for a bullet not being placed in your brain (emp added). I. Want. A . Thank. You. I. Demand. It. You. silly. FAT. CUNT. That’s an ancronyn of course. I’m going to take your fucking law license from you. You didn’t even file under the correct case number. MORON. That’s also an acronym.

As long as I get paid. I’ll be here. Please realize that the douche bags of the world are trying to strangle me, through my girls, and my money through my practice. And I bought a 130jk car to get myself off of the couch. It’s gots lots of modes; but there is one. I’m going to run it in race mode until Kettering arrests me. Again.

Oh, FYI, the reason I insist on my FB back, no taksies backses, is that I’m hurting without mu daily/morning Fairhaven prayer. You awful, evil, malicious, wicked, woman took that from me.

Your TS clearance was to expire March 2020. And you came home. just in time. Rofl. Proove I’m a cook, a crackpot, deranged, a terrible father. Protect your TS clearance and application. Do it. Rofl. _____, my dear, you are done. Just wait. Watch….

It’s amazing. Despite the bullshit, I was actually elected to the big boy SuperLaeyer list for 2022. Not an under forty rising star super lawyer. No. The big boy list. SuperLawyer. While I pay them no money. While corrupt Kettering tries to get me. Fuuuuuuuuuyuck you. Rofl. Life is fun.

Precinct. Us. My best bud and Howley and Jeff. Who can be a dick (cough *howley*). Best thing about Rob is that while meeting me, his wife was meeting President Trump. Who won. The election. That we didn’t have. I challenge you yokels to remember the last time we stopped counting ballots. Let alone where there are half a million leads in ballots. Only in 2020. After a 27 trillion dollar economy was destroyed. In order to redistribute wealth. I can’t work harder than I do. So, pay me my money, let me work, and—if you feel like it—praise me. And let the fake, negative reviews simply affirm their fear. Love you all.

This money needs to go to the church. Instead I’m putting babies through med school. What a waste of my time (and money) you are. (photo of stacks of “Diamonds Dollars” from the strip club)

So glad to have my FB back, without taking ANYTHING back. Love you all.

Or just charge me with a crime. I think it’s hilarious that my wife’s attorney had aspirations to be member of the bench, rather than bar. How’s being de-robed and—Aaron Hartley, fuck you—a prosecutor working out for you, daily? Are you being put through your paces? I heard you that were. From the bench. Rofl. Do you think that I give a fck that Matt Heck took pity on you and made you a prosecutor after you were de-robed? Rofl. Being of counsel, to a firm that I regularly kick the shit out of, has to be better then being the litigation manager of a department of one, yourself. Bring it. You are facilitating this bullshit. Let me know when you are awake. Then I’ll act.

Love how I can’t edit my posts. Fb just won’t let me add to or edit. Amazing. Particularly when they contain references to the power of the blood of Christ. I’m still standing. And I’m going to keep curb-stomping as an attorney.

Does it surprise anyone that a Brannon attack dog, (Esratti, Army SF) devotes his time to me (when my wife is at Army post, having affair w Army dude, also SF)? Rofl. After my wife had an affair 2 months into our marriage with an army SF dude (Drew)? The DDN called and asked whether I was worried about the Brannon’s suing me (ayfkm? The chic who put my hr manual, including my sexual harassment policy, into place, is suing me two years after fact? A few days before 6 year limitation became 2? Rofl. Fck off and die). I told them to fck off and call my ethics attorney. No DDN story. So sad. Only Esrati, the super-journalist, serving the public. Rofl. So sad, that people like Esratti make money like they do. He better give information warfare advice along lines of “better buy your domain name, baby.” It’s all going to come out.

You threatened to destroy me. To ruin me. To take my daughters from me. You are a simple cunt. Who also happens to be a whore. Not very Christian of me to speak truth like this. But, it is said in love. Someday, perhaps, you will be able to acknowledge same.

In the meantime. I’m bringing in … a lot more money than you. And you bought a new 40k Infiniti. Rofl. I thought to myself “fckthis sociopath and and my sociopathic baby mama.” I’m buying myself 130k fuck you badass machine. While I tithe. And support kids through international child fund.

It’s all public.


You are so dumb. Sell house. Or get out of it.

________________you know how it is. Making money. CUNTS., like Anne Harvey nipping at my heels. Wait was “ C.U.N.T” Not obviously “Care-women who loves me so mUch that my heart stretches aNd is always broken by her love for me, always and Truly..” Yes, that’s what it means. And what I meant by the term. Because, I’m sweet.

Throughout this stream of shit rant- his facebook friends begged him to stop- to take it down- to delete.

And about a day later- his page was gone- poof.

A few things- it’s sort of bad to threaten another lawyer with a bullet in her head. It’s also not good to talk bad about other lawyers. It’s one of those things the legal profession frowns upon. And for the record, I served with US Army Special Forces, but never completed the Q course. So, I’m not really SF, even though I was on an A-Team in the reserves. And, I’m not a Brannon anything. Just for the record. I know Judge David Brannon and his father Dwight, I’ve met Doug a few times- and he thanked me for securing the video of the second pepper spraying of an inmate in restraints in the jail and publishing that story.

Today, I received a few documents via a public records request of the Kettering Clerk of Courts. Apparently, it didn’t take long after Hartley’s deranged Facebook rant for his current attorney to abandon him. See the September 30 filing: Sept 30 Stadnicar motion to withdraw

But- then it gets worse.

On Sept 24, two days after I sent the Facebook rant to the prosecutor- they filed for:

Now comes the State of Ohio, by and through the prosecuting attorney, and hereby moves this Court to revoke Defendant’s bond and order that he be detained pending trial, pursuant to Crim_ R. 46(A). Alternatively, the State requests that the Court set conditions of release and supervise Defendant as permitted by Crim. R. 46(B)(2)….

In light of Defendant’s abusive and threatening messages directed towards the victim of the offense and his violation of the order of protection issued in her favor, the State respectfully requests that the Court revoke Defendant’s bond and order that he be detained pending trial to protect the victim and the public.

Hartley pretirial detention ADA

Which probably means Hartley has an ankle bracelet and is living in a semi-supervised environment.

There is supposed to be a hearing next week. Who knows who will be assigned to defend this sad excuse for an attorney. He’s burned every bridge he has.

And still, not a peep out of the mainstream media.

Remember, you read it first here on Esrati.com

Note, this kind of journalism takes time and costs me time and money. If you’d like support my efforts, feel free to donate. And thank you to those of you who have made donations lately.



Why you should never early vote

I’ve been a candidate. That means I have been through an election cycle- and attended more “candidates nights” than I can count. I’ve heard more politicians and wanna bes talk smack, talk stupid, and show how utterly confused they are about the job they are asking you to elect them to.

I’ve also seen how few people attend these events. The banality of the questions. The time limited answers. The campaign materials that say nothing.

The League of Women’s voters publishes an anemic “voter guide” as does what’s left of our newspaper in Dayton. Are you really going to base your decision on 50 word answers? To 2 or 3 questions?

I build websites for a living. I do work for candidates- creating ads, posters, commercials, billboards- and I find the whole process distasteful. For the most part, we’ve created a system that gives us the best candidates money can buy.

It also limits our choices. The idea of voting for Jeff Mims or Rennes Bowers makes me ill. We have 4 seats open on the Dayton School board- we have 3 candidates on the ballot- which almost guarantees all 3 of them will get elected- which is disgusting because one of them is Joe Lacey. Why do I despise Joe Lacey? Watch this video- which still gets views and comments today- years after I posted it. Read those comments- take heed.

There are four candidates running for write in. Do you know who they are? Should you just write in all 4? Have you taken time to investigate? Or are you waiting for some official endorsement?

Do you have your own rubric for what’s important before you vote? Are you applying it? Are you spending time researching it? Or are you doing what someone told you to? ie- voting for the endorsed candidates? Is your rubric even applicable to the office they are running for? Stands on abortion or gun control or the death penalty have no bearing on local office- unless of course you are electing someone who aspires to be a congressman some day.

How would you feel about your early vote for Mayor – if you find out just before election day something like any of these hypothetical stories came out?

“Candidate A was identified in an unsealed warrant in federal court to have being guilty of taking bribes on votes for demolition contracts, and had become an FBI informant wearing a wire back in 2015” or “Candidate B was at the Capitol building on Jan 6, and while he didn’t enter the building, was equipped with medical supplies to treat potential injuries by the folks who were storming the building, he was carrying communication equipment, wearing a bullet proof vest, and had bear spray with him.”

One of these above scenarios actually happened. Would it change your vote?

Or, how about one of your commission candidates was picked up Dayton Police for soliciting? Or another had a DUI just before he got elected? Would those change your mind?

If I told you that both of the above statements were true- would you believe me? And why?

Early voting can cause serious buyers remorse. And while I’m a supporter of voting by mail- which is in effect the same as early voting- the reason is because you can take the time to research each candidate and issue on the ballot. But more than that- I’d like to see a unified system of voter information built. It’s my goal to create a platform that allows you to match your questions with candidates answers. To provide voters with all the information they need to make an informed decision. To even be able to track how politicians, once elected, actually follow up on their promises. To make candidate more than one-dimensional and voters more discerning in casting their ballots. The non-profit that I established, “The Modern Policy Institute” is still awaiting it’s 501c3 approval (applied for over a year ago- the IRS is way behind on approvals). But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a donation, it just would have to go to Reconstructing Dayton because it’s the 501(C)4 that we have that all set up.

The charade of the “Culture of Corruption” trial- the Higgins matter

At 1:30pm today on the ninth floor of the Federal building in Judge Thomas Rose’s court room, a gallery of Higgins supporters sat and watched a Federal Prosecutor flail around for almost an hour- trying to corner an insurance expert into saying that Brian Higgins had committed mail fraud.

There is only one problem, this was a Daubert hearing, not a trial.

For those of you who don’t speak legalese- “A Daubert hearing is a trial judge’s evaluation of whether or not an expert’s testimony and evidence are admissible. Daubert hearings occur when the validity of an expert’s testimony is challenged due to the methodology used to form their opinion.”

Brent Tabacchi, the Federal Prosecutor, tried to put on a show of “Gotcha” by questioning, over and over, if a lawyer, with something close to 30 years of experience with insurance claims, if this qualified as mail fraud. The problem is, the insurance fraud issue isn’t a federal crime- it’s a civil one, and Tabacchi doesn’t work for Navistar Mortgage or for Assurant insurance. He works for the public- and his job is to protect us from criminal behavior.

The expert just kept talking about the “Four corners of the contract”- the literal responsibilities involved in the mortgage and insurance contracts. Tabacchi couldn’t seem to understand that when the insurance company gives you money to fix something- like hail damage to your car, you can fix it- or pocket the money and drive around with a lumpy car. It’s not a crime to not fix it- unless the bank is pissed about it’s collateral, but even then, it’s a civil matter.

Unfortunately for Tabacchi, as much as he’d like to make Brian Higgins out to be a criminal mastermind, his evidence all comes from a very shady government Confidential Informant, a loser who used to work for Steve Rauch incorporated. Marshall left SRI and set up two different companies- United Demolition and Drywall Wizard, both of which do consistently shitty work. So shitty, that even after he somehow got the city to give him a demolition contract, the city judged his business as incompetent and banned him from doing more work.

The FBI and the DOJ should be investigated for committing misprision of a felony- for hiding the fact that Williams was a proven felon when he stood for office in November of 2017- before winning and resigning and they did nothing to reveal that.

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Source: 18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

But, apparently that’s above my pay grade.

Marshall sold the FBI a dog and pony story about how he could bring Steve Rauch down and started collecting a check to bring this “culture of corruption” down. He’s the guy who handed Roshawn WInburn bags of cash to help steer contracts and he’s the one who built the patio for Commissioner Joey Williams in exchange for that contract. Higgins was along for the ride- trying to build yet another empire of government contracts like the one he used to have with the City of Chicago removing dead bodies. That multi-million dollar contract went away- when the City of Chicago awarded it to a registered sex offender- but, that’s another story.

The real crime that’s taking place here is the millions spent on an investigation that apparently only charges Black folks. Steve Rauch, the only white person charged in this “Operation Demolished Integrity” got off with a $15,000 fine- chump change. Williams only did 3 months in prison of a one year sentence. Roshawn has yet to report for his 6 month stint- and Clayton Luckie did about four months- but, he was already a convicted felon, so no new ground broken there. No other white people were charged. No one from the City Managers office, CityWide Development or even purchasing or the Human Relations Council who supposedly did due dilligance and approved these vendors. Unsealed warrants named the dead former County Recorder Willis Blackshear as a suspected bagman- but that’s it. Whaley, who is the queen of pay to play– is still running around talking about DeWine’s corruption- while her own involvement is supposed to be ignored.

The part that can’t get ignored is that it’s now Oct 6, 2021, and Higgins was first indicted with Williams, Winburn and Luckie on April 30, 2019. Over two years- and nothing.The final court date is now scheduled for Jan 10, 2022 at 9am.

In the meantime, the fact that Judge Rose allowed this dog and pony circus to occur in his courtroom today is almost an embarrassment. Higgin’s attorneys got up- asked a few short questions to clarify his expertise (the purpose of this whole hearing) and then Tabacchi took a final stab asking if the Expert had seen the video and audio recordings of Higgins doing something that he considered naughty- and if he would then think that Higgins had committed mail fraud. There’s only 2 problems with this- he didn’t actually present or enter those recordings into the record, and it’s not for the insurance expert to rule on them. That’s for the judge.

As a taxpayer, you should be wondering why all this effort is going into a transaction between an insurance company, a mortgage company and a man who’s had his reputation ruined, while a deadbeat CI is probably still on the FBI payroll.

Today, I also appealed the FBI denial of my FOIA request for the Joey Williams tapes, FBI FD-302 reports, the plea agreements – etc. It will take another month or so before I can file in Federal Court to get those released. In the meantime, why can’t I get Brent Tabacchi or Montgomery County Prosecutore Mat Heck to lift a finger to help collect the $70K judgement I have against a felon who was convicted in Montgomery County for stealing $3K from a Service Disabled Veteran- which she had to pay back- and I’m left with trying to find out where she is working every other month so I can attempt to garnish her pay? If you know where Jennifer Selhorst AKA Jennifer Woodard is working- please let me know.


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