Ohio isn’t ready for a “Third Frontier” yet.

I’m not sure what to expect from a State that was stupid enough to reelect George W. Bush, but today in the voting booth I got a full frontal display of idocy.

One of the advantages of “electronic voting” is that ballots can be changed and updated on the fly. No printing required. So why was the “Stripper Bill” on the machine as the first question? The petitions were thrown out weeks ago.

If the State of Ohio wants to be taken seriously as a tech leader, better figure out how to get a digital ballot to be current.

And, one other thing: when sending out bid requests- it’s pretty easy to send a link to a page, but the State still shows it’s incompetence by sending bid request e-mails like this:

How to Find This Opportunity Online:

Use the following process to view this opportunity:

-Access the Office of Procurement Services Web site at
-From the Navigation Bar on the left, select
Find It Fast;
-Select Doc/Bid/Schedule # as the Type;
-Enter the Bid Number
-Click the ?Find It Fast? button;

Following the directions stated above will navigate you to the details page for the opportunity. Clicking on the link that reads “Click to View Document” will provide the document in PDF format.

Somebody at [email protected] should be fired.

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