No good deeds shall go unpunished.

Living in South Park is a wonderful thing, however, I’m currently mourning the loss of my iPhone to the tub of ice that we keep our Porch Patio and Deck parties beverages in. As it was time to move from house to house, I started to carry two tubs at once- only to have my iphone holster let my phone slide directly down into the drink.

Mind you, had it been an Olympic diving event, it would have scored 10.0- no splash- just straight in. I pulled it out as soon as possible, and shut it off. The water indicator in the bottom of the headphone socket is now half red (voiding the warranty) and I’ve got it in the convection oven at 100° hoping for a miracle.

A little googling has said that three days of drying and some phones make it back. Monday, Apple announces the new iPhone, which may mean that the old one will drop in price, or, that I can finally have a phone with a standard headphone jack (the iPhone only takes mini plugs that have a really small plastic fitting at the end of the plug)- and 3g speed- but, that wasn’t in the budget this month.

All I can say, is I feel almost naked not having full time access to Google, Google Maps, text messaging and of course, my phone. First time in over 10 years that I’ve been in America without a cell. The best thing about the iphone is how easy it synchs- so, other than a few pictures I took of the cottage today, I’m not going to lose any data, but, oh, to have only been able to go back in time and not had it go swimming.

I’ll let you know how the convection trick works.

But, it makes me wonder- how many other pieces of technology have we just taken for granted. I heard Amazon went down for over an hour Friday- costing millions of dollars, have we become too reliant on too many things?

What would happen if we just ran out of oil? Would our world stop? All this, and wondering if Barack Obama will pick Al Gore as VP?

Hmmmm. Happy Saturday night.

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