News Flash: Esrati won’t be the next Clerk of the Dayton City Commission

June 30 the application was due to be the next Clerk of the Dayton City Commission.

September 9, the Mayor wrote me a letter thanking me for applying for the position- but, I’m not a finalist. That means there are finalists? Anyone have the scoop?

Here is the link to my cover letter and the post where I let you know I was applying:

Who will be the next Clerk of the Dayton City Commission? | Esrati.

No one expected me to make the cut. The real question is if our “Full Time” Mayor, has any plans to let the next clerk do his/her job. Like make sure that the petition form to run for her job is posted online as a PDF- along with the instructions.

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10 Comments on "News Flash: Esrati won’t be the next Clerk of the Dayton City Commission"

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News Flash … no one cares, David.

The Dame

Yet you cared enough to comment, Mike. Kind of a self-defeating insult, dontcha think?

Drexel Daved

Newsflash: nobody really cares what Mike the anonymous guy thinks. He is what they call in the ‘hood, a hater.

Dave Esrati is a hero.


Hero? Really? Come on now. The man can hardly find a date. He never gets elected. He B&M about a lot of stupid stuff, he contradicts himself a lot, he defends one while criticizes the other for the same faults. He is a normal guy. Not a hero. and he is not qualified for that job.


OK, so David was never elected, but can hardly find a date?

I heard David’s girlfriend is HOT (in both ways) and she had to beat down about 8 women to get to him…

But it could all be rumors- maybe he is mayor and just keeping it a spectacular secret.

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

Gene, your spy network let you down this time.
David’s girlfriend has been to my house and she’s lovely.


And still, Gene … you keep coming back, reading and posting. So he’s doing SOMETHING right.

In the 'burg
In the 'burg

Gene just has a man-crush on Esrati…hot girlfriend notwithstanding. ;-)


I love masked men

Drexel Dave

Gene, I certainly don’t agree with David on everything. But I think that he’s a hero because he’s got the gonads to keep on speaking out when the small minded haters make fun and criticize. And he’s a good American in the oldest of American traditions: being a skeptic and critic of leadership – especially the corrupt selfish kind.

If there were a LOT more David Esrati’s we wouldn’t be in the shape we are in this country. And Dayton would probably be a lot nicer place to live with a much informed populace.