New vocabulary introduced at Dayton Public School board meeting

For the first time, a superintendent said, I consulted with the building leadership and staff about the issue, and took their guidance. Whoa. Someone just drew outside the lines- after years of top down dictatorships.

That person was the new “interim superintendent” Dr. David Lawrence. Who called on staff to respond to idiotic questions from Dr. Gabriella Pickett and Jocelyn Rhynard who still remain with their heads buried fully up the ass of the former fraud of a superintendent Dr. Libby Lolli.

This came up when Lawrence explained, that since they are facing a shortage of about 175+ teachers for a school year starting in 10 days, that he was disbanding the dual teachers in grades 1-3 and redeploying them to single classrooms. Pickett and Rhynard were aghast, and even argued with the competent PhD, Dr. Leah Williams, head of the gifted program, who came up to explain that there was zero empirical evidence that this “method” worked, and that in fact, test scores had slipped over 6%. They still were ticked off that they weren’t consulted first.

Rhynard was also still unhappy that she wasn’t at the last meeting, and couldn’t put her no vote in on hiring Lawrence at the last minute to solve their problem that was caused when Lolli quit at the last minute. Note, teachers who quit after July 10th each year get sent up to the state and risk having your license held. Lolli, she gets to escape before the public realizes she’s a fraud when the test scores come out next month.

Let’s be clear, the Board failed to hire a search firm, or conduct their own search for a replacement for Lolli who’s contract was due to expire. Any problems with the process used, fall on them, and them only. Lawrence just happens to be incredibly patient with children, even grown ones like our school board- which is one of the reasons he’s an outstanding teacher.

The board was also a little miffed that Lawrence saved them $750K on software that the teachers hate – and has failed to produce results. Mindplay is toast. As is another software, Successmaker. He’s also ditching PowerSchool- looking for a better integrated suite of software. Lawrence mentioned Beavercreek and Northmont both had better platforms. Imagine that, a superintendent that actually is somewhat digitally savvy.

The Board uses an app called BoardDoc’s to manage their agendas. It’s supposedly been down for a few days, but this posting agendas at the last minute has to stop- it makes the whole organization look like they have something to hide. I’m also not sure if they are just not using it right, but, the way they post- the agenda is far from being ADA compliant- or mobile friendly. As it is, it’s not really searchable either- something that is key to transparency. Hopefully, that’s another issue the new superintendent can fix- quick.

Chrisondra Goodwine, JD (I refuse to address her as Dr.) took time to explain her abstention from voting to hire Lawrence. This is supposedly because they hadn’t taken the time to review other internal candidates. Yet, when it was time to hire before the 1 year extension for Lolli- she also didn’t vote to hire. Frankly, the board really needs to re-evaluate what they think they are doing with some of these unsupported no votes, which undermine authority and confidence in a local homegrown savior to their mess. If you really can’t get onboard- Goodwine, Pickett and Rhynard, please, resign. You aren’t moving things forward. In advertising, when we’re working on creative solutions to solve problems, you can’t shoot things down- only offer better solutions. Ideally- the best idea wins.

Moving forward, this board needs to set some simple measurable objectives for the new superintendent to hit so they can tell if things are working. They don’t have time to wait for the OGT results next year. I’ve suggested attendance of students and staff, reduction in disciplinary actions, reduction in legal issues, hitting hiring goals, hitting retention goals, implementing a positive culture measurement tool- to see if confidence in leadership is improving. And, last but not least- get rid of the title of “Interim” – just give him a one year contract and be done with it.

The meeting was the lowest attendance I’ve seen in years. The room was nearly empty. It’s too bad, because, for the first time, it actually felt like a new day was dawning on Dayton Public Schools- for real, not just a bad tagline.


The executive session started at 7:30 and didn’t end until 9:45. I didn’t stick around. And the next day, July 19, 2023, Wyetta Hayden “Chief of Schools, Elementary” resigned. After seeing true accountability in a board meeting, expect more resignations from those who’ve been coasting for years.

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