New local social network site:

The great thing about Dayton is we don’t have any real leaders- that lets anyone and everyone step up to the plate (I’m joking). We almost guarantee that if one economic development group is good- 20 would be better. Same thing with mayor’s, fire chiefs, road maintenance supervisors and now- social media hubs. has been trying to become the voice of the “creative class” in Dayton- and is now trying to expand it’s audience beyond the urban core. My site doesn’t count- since, well- I’m just a politician wanna-be who likes to get people thinking and arguing about things that count.

Of course, the Dayton Daily News could be a networking hub- with the resources at their disposal, but that would requiring hiring some people who actually understand social media and what’s happening online.

Now, local internet guy, Bill Rust launches using a social media CMS called Dolphin. It’s got more bells and whistles under the trunk than Facebook, MySpace, Craigslist and a dating site all rolled into one. Now, it just needs some people. Like, 20,000 or so  to start. I’m number 28- you can be number 29. There is no guarantee that this site will do anything- it depends on how many of you decide to join- and what you chose to do with it. It’s an open book and Bill is handing you your crayons.

Here is Bill telling me and all of you about his site. It’s a little long- around 9 minutes, but if you are interested in a new social networking resource, this may be for you.


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