New bar coming to old bar in Oregon District

It was the American Saloon, then Coco’s 520 Grill, then Blue Moon, then John Henry’s- and maybe one more in between.

But, two veteran bar managers are starting work on turning it into “Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery”- soon. Kevin Cooney and Andrew Trick are planning 14 taps pouring craft beers- and if past performance is any indication of the future- the food will be good too.

Kevin and Drew were key parts of what made the Dublin Pub what it was- and Kevin has been part of the vision of Blind Bob’s for quite a while.

They are installing a whole new kitchen back into the place and who knows if the patio will be part of the establishment or not.

They are looking for friends on Facebook– so do your part.

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do they have a liquor license already?  i hope they don’t have to battle the OD for one…


Outstanding! More places pouring good beer in my neighborhood, the better. I must say my initial fear, upon taking a job in Dayton, was that I’d be moving from beer nirvana to beer wasteland, but happily that’s absolutely not the case. Now someone just  needs to open a brewpub in this town…


DJW….I could not agree more.    The number of places that offer a great selection are few and far between.   There was a brewpub in Centerville a couple of years ago or so operating in conjunction with the Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. ( ) out of Akron.  The beer was good, the food so so.  It always seemed busy, but they closed down shortly after Centerville passed a local smoking ban.    Then there also was the short-lived Miami Trail Brewing Co. out of Xenia. 
Dayton has a pretty rich tradition of brewing
Cincinnati is having a brewing revival with Greg Hardman of Christian Moerlein.  They are even reviving some of the old blue collar macros of yesteryear.


Thanks for the links, joe_mamma; interesting stuff. Stupid prohibition.


A couple of details:
Thirsty Dog may blame closing on the smoking ban, but the same ban hasn’t seemed to reduce business at Tank’s, the Pub, Trolley Stop, or any of their competitors.  Those who went to the Dog shortly before its closing noted that the quality of food and the diversity of brews had gone way down.  I blame it on bad management, not on nicotine withdrawal.  The fact is, 80% of customers do not want to smell tobacco smoke while drinking and dining–including a majority of smokers.
Miami Trail is a sadder case; they were excellent and they may have survived if Dublin Pub hadn’t been forced to stop serving their brew or lose Guinness.  It’s a shame that no one took Guinness to task for anti-competitive practice; I guess they’re afraid of the free market.  I haven’t consumed Guinness since, maybe a good boycott would wake them up.


A couple more details….Thirsty Dog closed after the Centerville smoking ban in 2005, well before the statewide smoking ban which happened a year later.  There were bars down the street that did not operate in the same business environment because the ban only applied to businesses in Centerville.   Whether or not it was THE cause is besides the point.  A business that is struggling to survive does not need their community to make the business environment more difficult.  Perhaps they could have stayed open, but then again if a ban causes a X percent decline in business maybe it is no longer worth it to stay in business at that point even if they are turning a profit.  The general manager did directly blame the Centerville smoking ban. 
Great point of Miami Trail.   The three tier beer distribution system is anything but a free market…


Miami Trail is a sadder case; they were excellent and they may have survived if Dublin Pub hadn’t been forced to stop serving their brew or lose Guinness.

Is there a place I can read a bit more about this story? What, exactly, was Guinness’ issue with Miami Valley? Living in the neighborhood, I often find myself at the Dublin Pub and they pretty much always have something from Great Lakes or Oberon or some other mid-sized American independent on tap.