My number one group of readers is leaving “downtown”.

Web stats can tell you lots.

Most of my traffic on this site is coming from two IP’s- both owned by Cox Communications- owners of the Dayton Daily News and WHIO TV, AM and K99 etc.

Just so you know – (since they haven’t announced it yet)- the Dayton Daily News is moving to the old NCR personal PC division building on S. Main- just North of Oakwood. More jobs “leaving downtown” as the DDN loves to sensationalize.

However- with so many nice amenities being added to the Brown/Stewart Street area by developer Jeff Samuelson and the UD/NCR/MVH partnership (who employee around half as many people in their “non-downtown” locations as all of “downtown”) it makes sense for businesses to want to locate there.

Maybe now- we will start redefining our microscopic view of downtown and start seeing the big picture- it’s really the only way the DDN will be able to save face. It’s also something I was talking about when I first ran for office.

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