Fall of the last holdouts: The MVH empire grows agai

The Brown-Warren business district used to be almost continuous from Stewart straight into downtown. I came to Dayton long after 35 slashed across the south side of Downtown creating yet another mystical barrier defining downtown as a small little island disconnected from the rest of the city.
About four years ago- the powers at city hall finally saw that their insane 6 lane one way from 35 to downtown on Warren/Jefferson was making going from Downtown to UD a major pain- and had strangled the business district into submission- making it easy for MVH to buy the remnants at fire-sale prices- they reversed their folly and made it two way from Patterson on under the highway.
MVH had by this time- thwarted a prime location for a new Kroger utilizing the former Cliburn Manor site- a plan advanced by local developer Jeff Samuelson (who had turned turds into gold on the West side of Brown from Stewart down almost to the hospital).
The biggest holdouts remaining were the lone Wah-Fu and Jimmy’s Cornerstone tavern.
They had held out when MVH had wanted to re-route Wyoming for its new hospital expansion- but apparently- now the price is right, as sources tell me that they have both succumbed to the Premier checkbook and at least Wah-Fu will be out in the next two months.
The march of progress continues, with the “non-profit” buying up even more land that was generating tax revenue- for the empire dreams of the people who think that it’s OK to pay its CEO $4 million a year- while claiming non-profit- and constantly raising rates to all- to the point that we can’t afford insurance anymore.
If there was one thing that Wa-Fu provided, it was a low-cost place for those of us who can’t afford to be hospitalized to eat. Now, that too is going away in the march of the empire.

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