Misplaced priorities in Columbus

Let’s see.

Ohio is third in foreclosures in the country.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the system of school funding in Ohio was unconstitutional – over 10 years ago.

What is most pressing to Columbus legislators?

A “stripper bill.”

Yes, instead of worrying about protecting it’s taxpaying citizens from losing their homes, or raising stupid kids who will not be able to pay taxes in the future because they don’t have the basic skills to work- we’re worried about what time liquor stops being served in strip clubs and how close a naked performer can get to an adult who has made a choice to go into a place expecting to see naked people.

If you don’t want to see a stripper- don’t go.

If you don’t want to lose your home, or have stupid kids- don’t live in Ohio- at least that’s what I get from this malarkey in Columbus.

Yes, I’ve been to a strip club. According to a poll in the paper today- almost half of Ohioans had. The interesting part of the poll was that Republicans were more likely than Democrats to have visited a strip club- so why do we have to suffer through this conservative guilt trip? Because our legislators are absolutely terrified of addressing real issues.

It’s time to recall the bunch of them, create real campaign finance reform (so the banking industry can’t protect their high yield bad loans with campaign loot) and start addressing real issues.

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