A list of possible locals for Dayton City Manager

Joe Tuss- former economic development head for Dayton- now left hand man at the County.

Steve Budd- He’s build CityWide Development up from nothing- time to test him.

Paul Woodie- Former Dayton planning chief: He thinks he’s running the city now- so it’s a minor detail.

David Holmes- used to run Reynolds and Reynolds. Had a strong opinion that Tony Capizzi would be better than Mike Turner. He’s run a big corporation- why not let him show us that CEO touch that was worth millions a year.

David Gasper- He build up a company that made ATM software- sold it off, and has written some very intelligent position pieces in the press.

Bill Rain- Local developer with big cahones. A great salesman. Has a vision.

Phil Parker- He straightened out the Chamber of Commerce- and is well liked. Time to try a little harder job.

David Bohardt- He ran for Mayor claiming he has all the answers.

Valerie Lemmie- she has experience- but, I think it’s always a bad choice to get back together after a break up.

Maureen Pero should be on this list- but I think she’s right up there with Thomas Noe – getting paid crazy money for doing nothing worthwhile.

David Ponitz- The only man in town that can walk on water. However, he has done enough for this community to last about 100 lifetimes- he deserves a quiet retirement.

Dr. Nelson who used to be with Montgomery County Health Commission suggested Dean Lovelace in a letter to the editor on Friday. I’ve made my feelings about Dean well known, and if he had a spine surgically implanted before taking the job, he could probably do the job. But, in general, Dean isn’t capable of making a tough decision- or getting people to move to his side of things.
I’m looking for suggestions? Any others that should be on this list?

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