Limbo’s – another tear down paradise to put up a parking lot story.

First Seattle East- then the possibility of losing the Flying Pizza, and now Limbo’s- all to provide storage for cars for Care Source.

Downtown eatery to close – Dayton Business Journal:
Downtown Dayton bar and restaurant Limbos is closing to make room for a right of way for CareSource Management Groups parking garage.

The 20-year-old restaurants last day of operations will be July 3, said a woman who answered the phone at Limbos.

The woman, who did not disclose her name, said she is a member of the family that owns the restaurant.

The city of Dayton is purchasing Limbos and plans to demolish it, she said. The deal is set to close this week.

Now, imagine if we rewarded companies for hiring employees that lived within walking distance of their company? Or, if we provided FREE public transit to employees in the City Center? Or made parking for motorcycles and scooters free? How many more people could we get into downtown without having to waste space on storing parked cars?

Building more garages isn’t the answer- but, it’s great for construction companies and city economic development directors who measure progress by the number of cranes on a skyline.

Once we have all these new garages, everyone will have to get in the cars to drive to eat at this rate. There won’t be any restaurants left.

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I didn’t know Limbos was still open. Maybe they just are for lunch?

When I heard Caresource was going to build a big garage along with their mid rise I thought it was all going to be on the same block. Turns out they are building the garage across the street!

Aside from lamenting more bits and pieces of 19th century Dayton being torn down (that old building with that gay bar is coming down too, and the Avis relocation caused the old Seattle East building to go, which was the oldest structure downtown) I am not too bent out of shape about parking garages. I recall someone saying (city official or DDP person) that downtown needed more “strategically located parking”, so the feeling in officialdom is there is not enough parking in the right places downtown.


how come I never have any problem parking downtown? Too many people in Dayton (and elsewhere for that matter) choose not to go to a certain place unless they can park in the kitchen, if you know what I mean. A little walking never hurt anybody, we just have a bunch of babies when it comes to the parking issue. My favorite is people wasting time and gas waiting for a spot (like at the mall) and you could park and walk and exta 100 feet. WE ARE SPOILED AND STUPID AMERICANS. No wonder the rest of the world thinks we suck.

J.R. Locke

Gene I have never had a problem parking downtown either. But I know a great many people who prefer the strip mall mentality where the parking lot and attraction are together in every sense of the word.

I am not thrilled about more parking garages either and it isn’t the long term answer…but Mr. Esrati already summed it up…good for the pocket books of construction companies and statistical “progress”.