Learn how to grow your own from a pro

I love garlic and “Armando” tomatoes from Mike Malone and Hungry Toad Farm- I see him every Saturday at the 2nd Street Market, outside near the main steps. Mike’s got the real deal farmer’s tan- and can tell you everything you need to know about growing vegetables organically.

This e-mail went out over the “liberal list” – and I’m posting it because I’m a big believer that organic, sustainable, local food is part of the answer for America- not just in cutting down on our foreign energy dependency, but as part of getting American’s health again- moving away from processed crap that we have come to call food. Those of you have known me- and noticed that I’m 20 pounds lighter- and have a new bounce in my step- have heard the story of how my significant other read an amazing book- “The 7 principles of  fat burning” by Dr. Berg. I’ve changed the way I eat- and it’s been amazing.

So- here is the e-mail from farmer Mike:

My main worker is off to the Army Reserves for 3 weeks, and my other full time worker has suddenly decided to cease farming work. It looks like the cheese stands alone, and I don’t think the cheese can do it all by himself – especially with a 40 member CSA. 689-5910

Farm Workers/Volunteers needed at Hungry Toad Farm

Hungry Toad Farm is an Organic farm in Washington Twp.

I need help harvesting and weeding and planting and preparing boxes for the CSA, and harvesting and preparing for two farmers markets.

Help for pay, or help for experience, or help in trade/part trade for housing in a 4 BR farmhouse.

The season lasts until early November. Continued housing through the winter and beyond is an option.

Write to me here and check out Hungry Toad Farm on facebook.

Michael Malone

We live in the “bread basket of America” (although after you read Dr. Berg’s book you won’t be eating much bread)- this is some of the most fertile growing land in the world. Instead of building more pop-up offices with parking lot seas on prime farm land (Austin Road) we should be looking to grow as much of our own food within a half-day’s drive or less.

With the latest egg recall- and other recent food scares, it’s reassuring to know where our food comes from- and who actually grew it. Farmer Mike isn’t a big agri-business, he’s a small guy in a tough business- with the best tomatoes and garlic you can buy.

This is good for all of us.

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