Kettering Health rebranded – by Hoosiers

It’s always nice to know that folks that don’t pay property taxes and charge us exorbitantly for health care- don’t think highly enough of local professional marketers and design firms. They went to Indiana for their brand refresh:

The rebrand was led by Kettering Health’s internal marketing team of more than 30 people with support from Ten Adams, a healthcare branding, marketing and advertising agency based in Evansville, Indiana.

Source: Kettering Health executive Tim Dutton: Here’s why we rebranded – Dayton Business Journal

Note- when Children’s Medical Center rebranded– they invested in local talent- Graphica. It was one of their last big projects before they merged with Upward Brand Interactions. They got transformative beautiful, strategic (although expensive to silkscreen) work.

If you are interested in rebranding, or advertising, or marketing help in Dayton Ohio- there are a whole bunch of agencies to choose from. Check out this list: Agencies that aren’t The Next Wave

Charles Kettering bought what Dayton built- and he helped build Dayton. Too bad the people carrying on his legacy don’t see it that way.

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