It’s hard being David Esrati

Went to a pro-choice rally on Courthouse Square today. A supporter had set up a table, and was registering people for the Women’s Alliance and handing out my literature.

She’d told me that some of the organizers were happy I was coming and would love to have me speak. I’d given a well received speech on the 4th of July in front of the Courthouse.

David Esrati speaking on the 4th of July, at a pro-choice protest.

I was directed to a group of them in a huddle. I was promptly told that it was a closed meeting and I wasn’t welcome. Then the same woman came over and said their speaker list was full and I wasn’t welcome.

I snapped a photo- because the masked woman seemed to have a problem with me.

The masked friend of the serial thief Jen Selhorst/Woodward

Next I hear she had been telling people “I had a woman thrown in jail because she wouldn’t have sex with me.” At this point, I went to confront the liar. I’ve never had anyone thrown in jail.

As I walked up she starts screaming- “Get him away from me” and then says I had “Jen Woodward thrown in jail” and “what I did to her was criminal.”

The other organizers asked me to leave. She stayed.

Let’s clear up a few facts- Jen Selhorst plead guilty to multiple felonies for stealing from the veteran I take care of- John Sullivan, and was forced to repay him. Mat Heck, our vindictive party boss, never charged her with the theft from me of over $35K.

Kim McCarthy, who is now the Greene County Democratic Party Chair, worked for me for 5 months sorting out the mess Jen, my former employee, had made of my books while she embezzled from me. This happened as my dad died and I had to take over care of my mother with dementia.

I have a $70K civil judgement against Jen that is difficult to collect unless people can tell me where she’s living and working right now. If you want to read about Ms. Selhorst and all her criminal activity- there are several posts on this blog about her:

The only time I’ve had anything to do with Jen and jail, was when I bailed her out on a Sunday after she’d spent a Saturday night spending money she’d stolen from me, buying people drinks and cocaine for herself.

As to wanting to have sex with Jen- that’s a laugh a minute.

Next up was someone complaining about my stickers “Esrati, He’s my Ninja” which come from when I was arrested by Mike Turner when he was Mayor of Dayton. Turner claimed he feared for his life when I donned a balaclava in the City Commission Chambers to peacefully protest a secret meeting he had- to eliminate citizen participation in the public meetings. It included lots of ways to shut the cameras off so our faces couldn’t be seen. BTW- Turner’s a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and should know better.

I did stealthily sneak onto a lot of basketball courts in the city- and hang free green nets for those same kids who may use the term “ninja” interchangeably with the word I don’t say. I even get in trouble when quoting Dave Chappelle for saying it- which he does with abundance. I can’t win.

One of my superpowers is that generally, it doesn’t bother me what people say or think of me. However, it does hurt when some small minded people think their personal perception of me is more important than who represents the 10th District of Ohio in Congress. You have 2 choices- a Republican Trumper who never meets with the public and kisses the Military Industrial Complex’s collective ass- or a Democrat who livestreams daily at 4pm M-F to have a discourse with the voters in this district. (btw- please subscribe and hit the notify bell on my youtube channel

If you are wondering why not as many posts on it’s because there are only 24 hours in a day. If you’d like to stay informed about the campaign- please go sign up for the weekly email blast

The stories in the works are about the Board of Elections and their secret contract with the outgoing director to redraw the maps- without anyone knowing. More on the FOIA case to reveal the Nan Whaley grand jury tapes and a special announcement of a big change in a local school system.

There are plenty of reasons not to run for office- being told to leave a pro choice rally is not one of them. Having someone slander you left and right and get away with it- well, it’s tough being me, but, you and I know the real story.

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