Imported from Dayton? An arcade exposition?

Fact: no one knows what to do with the Arcade.

Reality: no one knows how great this city is.

Let’s steal a few ideas- mash them up- and show some pride.

First- let’s gather up one each of everything we make in Dayton. Because everything doesn’t really come from China, the United States is still the world’s leading manufacturer.

Then- let’s take a straight shot through the Arcade- and  forget about the areas that need work- and just build a glass observation wall for the dome- and line it with an exhibit of “Made in Dayton” products- from Buckeye Vodka to Dayton Wire Wheels to the Las-Stik Gitum cloth (the longest continuous part number in the GM catalog) etc. Make it so you can even buy some of the things- like the vodka and Mike Sells potato chips.

Make sure there is free parking for those coming to the exhibit- with well marked signs.

Inspirations for this post:

Made in NYC

SF Made

The Future of Manufacturing is local

We’ve got enough monuments in this town to what we did- let’s have one to what we do.


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