How to start the BOE investigation

The forms in question in the latest Montgomery County Board of Elections screw-up are missing according to Steve Harsman- so the people at the Board of Elections can’t defend themselves?


The problem is, the form, a “post election ballot inventory” is just a worksheet county officials use to verify used and unused ballots – isn’t part of the official record- it’s a form that’s used to tally ballots- and would take someone a long time to forge. These forms were “all over the office” according to former BOE workers.

The investigation should be pretty simple- do the numbers on the forms that were distributed to every BOE in the state- and various news organizations, match what was turned in to the Secretary of State?

If yes- there wasn’t a cover up, but 600 voters were disenfranchised- with no attempt made to fix the problem caused by ineptitude of the BOE- or-

the numbers don’t match, in which case, someone lied.

Either way- we have a problem of confidence in both the board of elections, and the secretary of state’s office.

There are at least three people working to bring down Mr. Harsman in this effort- and anyone defending him, without looking at the facts should also be suspect. Note, Harsman is a Democrat, and both Dem members of the Board, Tom Ritchie and Dennis Lieberman have been on the board throughout these follies. At some point, someone is going to cut the strings and let loose the full story of what really goes on in the BOE.

As it stands, today I was given information by two former workers that should prove that the BOE routinely performs services of preference for party candidates that aren’t available to independent or challengers. The partisan nature of our Board of Elections must stop- and it’s time for a complete housekeeping clean sweep.


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