How Joe Biden might have a snowballs chance in hell in November

Ignoring polls seems to be a genetic failing of democrats. Failing to find a clear and concise message eludes them as well. It’s tough when you can’t say anything you want- true or untrue, and do anything you want, legal or illegal, and get away with like his opposition.

There was a time where a divorce or a bankruptcy would instantly disqualify you from running for president. Same thing for infidelity. Trump can pretty much get away with anything- and still have a following.

Let’s be clear, there’s no way Trump will win the popular vote. The only reason he’ll win is the electoral college- and we’re not going to be able to change that anytime before November.

Even if he’s in prison on Jan 20th 2025, he can just pardon himself and get on with it. Why? Because the founding fathers never thought people would vote for someone of such low moral character. Basically, the job description is be born in American and at least 35 years old. Good job guys.

Biden and the democratic party work for the billionaires that get them elected. We waste in excess of $15B every election cycle to smear each other. It ain’t coming from the people that vote- it’s coming from the people that want something- and that something is to be richer by the minute.

Since 2000 America’s billionaire class has quadrupled and continues to grow. The multi-millionaires are richer than ever before. And the common man, the voter, is the poorest he’s ever been.

So what did Biden do? He wrote off college debt- helping out the people who ostensibly already make more than the poorest in this country. It was a STUPID move and totally unnecessary. It just divided the country even more- with those who’d made their payments faithfully- and paid their debt off- say “WTF- Unfair.”

The answer wasn’t to write it off- but to refinance it all at a super low affordable rate like 2.5% and move on to something that would really have an impact: Cap the maximum rates on credit cards to something that people could actually pay off. Currently it’s at 29.99% which is usury. It’s a fact that at rates this high, folks never will get out of debt. (pro tip- Credit Unions can’t charge more than 18%).
This is an insane factoid- there are actually people in Congress who’ve talked about capping it under 20% from BOTH parties:

Sen. Josh Hawley, the Missouri Republican, introduced legislation in September to cap credit card interest at 18%. Four years ago, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, proposed to cap card rates at 15%.

Lenders and their advocates have opposed the caps, saying they might limit the ability of Americans with weaker credit to borrow.

“It would surprise me if we ever got a credit-card rate cap in this country of any significance,” said Schulz of LendingTree.

Source: Credit card interest rates climb to 33% in some cases (no, really).

This would be a huge instant help to the people enduring the squeezes caused by everything else that Congress is failing us on: not enforcing anti-trust laws (Capital One buying Discover for instance), capping prescription drug price hikes, reeling in the costs of higher ed, dealing with the health care crisis and runaway costs- and as Senator Sherrod Brown keeps telling us in his bad commercials- shrinkflation which is driving up food costs.

The billionaires have control over the costs of meat, gas, corn, chicken and have been buying up housing stock and jacking the prices up – because they can. We need to realize that they have enough money to ignore the Fed- and can pretty much do as they want. So maybe, it’s time to put anti-trust laws into effect limiting single family home ownership? And force requirements to provide at least 20% of any single entities housing holdings to be affordable to minimum wage workers if you own more than 200 units? Of course, all of these would take time- which is why the credit card rate cuts could have an instant effect.

Joe Biden is running out of time to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I just gave him both. Unfortunately, he’s not a subscriber- nor is anyone in the Ohio Dem Party.

And the song for this post: Joe’s last stand

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