How IRG does “marketing”

The deal isn’t even done on the former UPS site at Dayton International Airport- and the TSA security required by the FAA are now gone.

IRG has posted this professional sign in the window- this is what they do with their quick $3 million in profit:

Sign IRG placed on UPS sorting facility doors

This is what $3 million in marketing buys.

Note, the fence and security normally required for FAA property are now gone. When UPS had the building, they had to comply with FAA regulations- including keeping the building functioning and secure, as per FAA standards. Why “Air Commerce” doesn’t have to abide by the same rules is a very big question to be answered.

Did that all go out the window too- along with the $6 million that could have been paid directly to the taxpayers of Dayton instead of being handed over to IRG for no money down?

As always- IRG has set up another shell company- IRG Nevada, to protect themselves on these funny paper deals. If you want to read more about the kind of deals IRG does- you might want to read this: The Downey Toxic Hell Hole: Injured Workers, Liability And The Business Of Stuart Lichter

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