Hey NYC, LA, want to see why Dayton is great!

If I were living in New York City, and looking to rent for $500 a month, I’d be in less than 200 square feet of squalor.

Even if I were a neurosurgeon, making a half-million a year, I’d be lucky to be able to afford a house like this in NYC:

DESCRIPTION: STATELY BRICK MANOR displays old world charm & craftsmanship! Unbelievable woodwork & details throughout! Huge windows allow lots of natural light to this home.

via Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors – 1743 Philadelphia Dr – Property Profile.

I’ve driven past this beautiful house more than a few times, but didn’t have time to stop and pick up the listing sheet. GF swore it’d be close to $200K, I was thinking $150K- the price you ask? $112,500. It’s just shy of 3,000 square feet and absolutely beautiful.

It’s just a few blocks from Good Samaritan Hospital, in a the beautiful College Hill neighborhood.

The price, means with a down-payment and a 30-year loan- about the price of that closet in NYC: $500 a month.

Dayton is a land of opportunity, where all things are possible, including living like royalty at a pauper’s price.

I love my house, I love South Park and being centrally located, but-  how can anyone not see the beauty of living in Dayton as compared to elsewhere? In Oakwood, this home would be $300K plus.

Maybe after tonight, I can help all of us, sell this house to someone who sees the beauty of living here instead of NYC or LA- because they can only dream of it- we can live it.

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