Good eats in Franklin Ohio: Matera Caffé

Matera Caffe logoI had a meeting with a client in Franklin yesterday- when lunch time came, he suggested heading out in the snow. His list was full of chains. I had to ask him three times- before he thought of an independent place.

He couldn’t remember the name- but called it a “sandwich shop” and that it was right next to NY NY (the strip club).

When we pulled up and went in- I was surprised to find a really nice little place with a wood fired stone oven for pizza.

It’s called Matera Caffe and they do breakfast lunch and dinner- but- considering they open at 8 for breakfast on Tue- Fri and 9am on Sat. and are closed on Sunday and Monday- I don’t think they’ve cracked the breakfast code.

Check their site for details-

1219 East Second Street
Franklin, OH 45005

Phone: 937.550.9565 Matera Caffe.

They do super sandwiches- and make their own “Saratoga chips” which are served hot and fresh out of the fryer- potato chips- with a fancy name.

The pizza I had was good too- my favorite is still Pomodori’s Pizza in Clifton- but, that’s a haul.

They’ve been open since June of 2010- and I’d not heard about it. Try it- and then share your opinions in the comments.

Just remember- it’s the local restaurants that give us flavor- support them.

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Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

Since you insisted on a local place, at least he finally thought of Matera and didn’t take you to the “Carlisle Restaurant” on the other side of Franklin!!  Thanks for the tip on this place, David.  I’ll have to try it since it’s close to my neck of the woods.
Side note regarding the Carlisle Restaurant – They apparently had a dyslexic sign painter when they opened the place.  For years the sign read “Carlilse Restaurant.”  I don’t know if it’s still that way or not.

David Lauri

@Bubba: Google Maps shows that Carlisle’s no longer has a dyslexic sign.


I’ll probably never make it down there, as RTA doesn’t cross the county line, but it’s very cool they’re serving coffee from Roatan. I like it every bit as much, if not more, than the more famous and expensive island coffees like Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain. I can’t remember the last time I saw it commercially available. I hope they’re doing it justice.

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

…. it was right next to NY NY (the strip club). (David Esrati)

….then we can accurately assume this particular establishment serves New York strip?……..


Where is Roatan?
I once read a long, weary piece by Corby Kummer in The Atlantic that was supposed to tell all about coffee. When I got done, I thought America’s favorites were Arabica and Robusta. He never mentioned what I consider the world’s greatest coffee, Mocha (from Saudi Arabia and the Yemen). Mocha has a slight taste of chocolate in it.
Starbuck’s makes an attempt at it by mixing Arabica with chocolate, but it’s not the same.


I don’t think that you should have your hopes too high.  I would expect a rump roast at best.


Roatan is an island off the coast of Honduras. It has a flavor profile similar other famous (and much more expensive) “island coffees”.
Actually, all coffee grown for human consumption is either Arabica or Robusta. The vast majority of what we drink (including the Moka coffees from Yemen, which I agree are fantastic) is a variety of Arabica. Robusta coffee is easier to grow and higher caffeine, but it doesn’t taste very good on its own. Most of my favorite espresso roast blends are about 10% Robusta peians.

Don Wallace
Don Wallace

I tried this place a few weeks ago. It’s quite good. The pizza is excellent, nice char.

Tevin Gray
Tevin Gray

Hello Everyone! I Work at this establishment! I am here to set things straight, if I may! Haha, First, please excuse our website and google listings, we are currently fixing everything to the correct times and day’s open. as we are not in charge of our site at the moment. We do as a matter of fact sell NY Strip! Hand Cut!! We are open Tues- Wed-Thursday(10-3)  Friday/Sat(10-8) Sunday(10-3)  Breakfast from 8-3 Sat and Sun! please come visit, Our coffe is from the mountains of Honduras! (you can check my google+ for credibility)