Go see “An Inconvenient Truth”

The movie An Inconvenient Truth at the Danbury Dollar Saver- why spend big bucks to get depressed?

My 1985 Yamaha Riva ScooterWhile most of you can’t walk to work, take your bicycle to the gym, or ride a scooter that gets 85mpg- that’s my life- and I find it one of the reasons I love living in Dayton.

Of course, buying my house for $14,500 in 1986 was a big help too.

But- the movie made me think about sprawl too- since many of the miles we drive are a direct result of the spreading out of our community- that gave me an idea for a way to reward businesses with tax credits that are helpful.

Create a database for all employers in Ohio with over 100 employees that rewards employers with tax breaks for the ones that have the highest number of employees living nearby (short commutes). Since they already have to pay payroll taxes- and all employees addresses are known, as well as the companies address- it would be relatively easy to create the equation- without adding a layer of bureaucracy.

Just another one of those “big ideas” that you keep coming to this site for.

Also, the movie makes it even clearer- that we should be building high speed rail instead of new lanes on highways- or new interchanges- and that the move of Sinclair into Warren County is not as good a solution as a high speed rail link between the Middletown exit on 75 and downtown Dayton.

What do you think? Have you seen the movie?

What is your solution to stop CO2 emissions?

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6 Responses

  1. Bruce Kettelle December 4, 2007 / 10:21 am
    “rewards employers with tax breaks for the ones that have the highest number of employees living nearby ”

    Since you mentioned this again in another thread I thought I’d come back and read the original post. This idea actually borders on brilliance and perhaps should be considered by the IRS as well. In case you haven’t already done so I am forwarding a copy of your post to the state economic development office.

    This idea is good on many different levels. It has a few drawbacks such as encouraging businesses to locate close to where their employees already live that may not need incentivization but it becomes a great tool to limit new sprawl. If the incentives are good enough a portion could be passed on to employees to encourage them to move closer to work.

    And I don’t think it should be limited to businesses with at least 100 employees. If you do that then the Next Wave would not be able to benefit from it.

  2. David Esrati December 4, 2007 / 10:25 am

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Bruce. As you can see- no one else bothered to notice.

  3. Gene !!! August 5, 2008 / 11:45 pm
    Give a tax credit to those who don’t commit crime.

    This would not help the city of Dayton, but Oakwood could then buy Dayton with Fed Tax Credits! And then improve life in Dayton. See how it works!

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