FBI announces next round of indictments in Dayton

Special Agent in Charge Joe Deters, along with Acting AUSA Vipal J. Patel and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced that the third round of indictments in the continuing “Culture of Corruption” investigation will be released today, April 1, 2021. The details were released to Esrati.com early this morning, acknowledging that much of the work uncovering these crimes against the public were first brought up here, and helped the FBI hone in on political corruption in Montgomery County.

“The gears of justice grind slow, but they grind fine” said Deters as he explained why it’s taken almost 2 years to get to this juncture. “We had so many people offering to turn states witness, it took almost a year just to work out the plea deals and conditions, in exchange for their testimony” said Yost. There is a reason Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley announced she would not be standing for re-election, as she has agreed to serve a 3-year sentence for her pay to play political favoritism that has been her hallmark for the last decade. Also going to prison is Dayton City Manager Shelley Dickstein, who was complicit in the contract awards.

“We traced the amounts of donation to Issue 9, the levy to raise Daytonian’s income tax to 2.5%, one of the highest in the State, directly back to the size of contracts awarded to the donor companies”- multiple companies told us, they were told an amount to donate if they wanted to continue to do business with the city.” The offices of the “Learn to Earn” and “Pre-school Promise” were raided, seeing as they were just giant slush funds used to funnel tax dollars back to private businesses with zero accountability. That they share offices with the Montgomery County Educational Service Center almost made it too obvious, as the ESC was also charged with misuse of public funds, when it was revealed that every single executive on their staff was “double dipping” and grossly overpaid. “This organization has been ripping off the public school districts they were supposed to be helping” said Yost.  The fact that the same 3 people had been on the board for 3 decades and never once questioned uses of funds helped seal the deal. The ESC is being disbanded immediately, all assets seized, and a new non-profit co-op established to provide true contracting of services for specialized instruction will be launched in the coming days.

The offices of Citywide Development Corporation were also raided, and despite months of forensic audits, it was impossible to find that any actual investments were made in anything that wasn’t directly benefiting donors or the politicians who’ve been indicted.

The investigation also found Commissioners Jeff Mims, Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph complicit in these deals, as they had voted with Whaley 100% of the time, without ever even asking a question or reading their materials. All will be resigning from office, effective today, April 1st 2021. “We realize that this makes for a very difficult election cycle” said Yost, effectively leaving only Darryl Fairchild in office, and he too, is seeking re-election.

“By no means are these the only people we have found complicit in these violations of the public trust, but they are the best known” said Patel, “we’ve found an entire network of people in patronage positions who’ve aided and abetted these criminals in their violation of their sacred duties to serve the public” a complete list and flowchart will be made available by the end of the day.”

It includes Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck, who is being charged under Federal racketeering statutes for his “mob boss” mentality, using public funds to reward and control government employees, and his capricious and random prosecutions of citizens based on his personal whims. A failure to prosecute a woman who embezzled from 2 service disabled veterans resulting in one case moving forward and the other larger ones not finding a true bill in grand jury was cited. “It’s commonly said that you can indict a ham sandwich if you want to, yet Heck purposefully and vindictively picks and chooses his cases” said Yost.

Indictments of both the Huber Heights and Centerville Commissions/Council and their City Managers will also be unsealed. Too much obvious evidence of non-public polling and collusion outside of public meetings exists. Compared to what happened in Cincinnati, the volumes of private messaging and bizarre public decisions made this so obvious that any decent County Prosecutor should have been alerted.

And the final icing on the cake, Wright State Chief Operating Officer Greg Sample along with multiple trustees at Wright State and Dennis Andresh, now CEO of “Parallax Group” FKA Wright State Applied Research labs, were indicted for a complex scheme of illegally buying buildings from donors and board members, with public funds under the guise of the sham “Double Bowler Corp.” and causing the sad downfall of Wright State, while enriching themselves.

Race considered in indictments this time

“With the exception of Commissioners Shaw and Mims, this is the first time we’ve indicted white people for crimes in public office in Dayton said Patel, who said he was embarrassed by his predecessors lack of diversity in indicting. “We absolutely have to strive to be better at equal opportunity prosecution, otherwise we look like racists.”

Considering that their first indictments on April 30, 2019- only put Joey Williams and Clayton Luckie in prison for less than 3 months each, and Winburn, who was supposed to report to the Fed Pen at Ashland KY yesterday- has had his report date moved to September 6, the Feds really embarrassed themselves in only indicting low level people of color.

Patel also took time to say that the case against Brian Higgins is finally being dropped, since it was a civil matter between the insurance company and Higgins and that the FBI was wrong to lump Higgins, a private citizen, in with Winburn, Williams and  Luckie who were all public figures. AUSA Brent Tabacchi has been placed on administrative leave until his transfer back to Chicago is finalized. He will work on the investigation of how Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel awarded contracts to haul dead bodies to a registered sex offender. See the site: www.whataboutthechildrenrahm.com

(April 3rd. Yes, this is an April Fools day prank. I do it every year, and yet, some very smart people fall for it. follow the tag “April Fools Day” to see the others. I realize I didn’t use the same tag every year- will try to fix).



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