Does this mean no Wal-Mart in Ballpark Village?

Yesterday, the Dayton City Commission got engaged in a sideshow stunt- taunting Wal-Mart with a pointless informal resolution.

Of course, when Wal-Mart wants to actually build something inside the city, they will be the kings of sucking up.

It’s this kind of loss of focus on local issues that has got us where we are.

While Dean Lovelace is (abd has been) right about predatory lending, and a living wage, the place to fight these battles is at the State and Federal levels. Same went for the much-ado about what ended up being nothing with Tony Capizzi’s gun ordinances- a sideshow distraction from the business at hand.

Dayton has problems that can be solved by the Commission and City Staff- like parking downtown, zoning issues in the Oregon District that make historic buildings decay, and even simple things- like figuring out how to collect leaves better by notifying residents where not to park on pick up day.

Wasting time on fighting with Wal-Mart isn’t going to help. Focus on what we can do something about- now.

Dayton commission urges Wal-Mart to value workers
DAYTON — The Dayton City Commission sent a message to Wal-Mart on Wednesday, calling on the nation’s biggest discount chain to treat its employees fairly and with dignity.

Supporters claim the commission’s resolution is the first of its kind in the nation.

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