Death by study and development.

We have a lot of committees, we have a lot of plans. We have a lot of people doing economic development, but don’t seem to be developing economically.

What to do?

The County spent good money on a bad idea. Had they asked the community first, they would have heard that we don’t want to spend millions to add to sprawl, but they spent it anyway- $150K down the drain:

Montgomery County paid $150,000 to Threesixty Architecture of Columbus for a feasibility study of a proposed 6,900 seat hockey arena and events center at the I-75 interchange that will be built this year at Austin Pike on the county’s southern border.

via With troubles of its own, county passes on arena.

The Dayton Business Journal had two tables of how much and who we spend money on economic development annually as a region in their Feb 12 09 issue:

The top 12 area economic development departments have operating budgets of $8.53 mill, employ 40 people making decent money.

The top12 Economic development groups (non-municipality attached) have operating budgets of $19.5 mill and employ another 70.

Just imagine if that $28.03 million was spent on providing public amenities to all- from ice rinks to velodromes to BMX facilities to libraries, livable and walkable communities, and high-speed fiber based Internet instead- luring business with a great, affordable quality of life?

That’s economic development.

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