DCCC gets an F in advertising 101

I live in Ohio 10. I know that, because I’m running for Congress in it. I also am a Democrat (although 1 county out of the 3 I’ll represent doesn’t like to accept the election results and won’t “endorse me”).

So, when I turn on the TV for a brief decompress after working all day on my campaign to unseat Mike Turner- I get the same ad over and over, paid for by the DCCC– telling me Steve Chabot, right after January 6, 2021, was busy trying to ban abortions.

Two problems with this: Steve Chabot is in Congressional house district 1- and I’m a democrat, who would never vote for this pathetic excuse of a politician.

Digital ads can be targeted down to the household and in some instances down to the viewer in the household. That the DCCC is targeting the wrong district- and the wrong household is only the beginning of the problem.

If they were truly interested in sending a pro-choice message, they should be running ads like this one, by Eric Swalwell of CA. It’s by far one of the most powerful ads of this campaign cycle.

Elections cost too much in this country. They’ve turned our politicians into panhandlers and our elections into auctions. An entire industry has sprung up to keep this con going- and media outlets that depend on advertising dollars and eyeballs keep egging us on, claiming races are closer than they are- just to keep the dollars flowing into their coffers.

There is no reason for elections to cost so much. If you need to see a clear indication of how lopsided this has become- look at my micro site: www.electionsnotauctions.com to compare money raised in our local races.

In the next 9 days, expect the frequency- and the veracity of ads will increase- and most of them will be bad, ineptly targeted, and increasingly ignored. This is no way to choose leaders.

I’ve advocated for a uniform, nationwide, voter information system along with a donor registration system to help bring sanity back to our elections. I also would implement ranked choice voting to eliminate partisan primaries and reduce the number of extreme candidates. That’s what I started when I founded the Modern Policy Institute, a 501(c)3 dedicated to creating a more just and equitable system for educating voters, helping them decide, and understand who their elected representatives are- and who they are really working for.

In the mean time, it’s too bad the DCCC doesn’t have a clue on how to promote their message or their candidates- including me, if they really want to maintain control of the house and senate.

As the only candidate for congress who owns an ad agency, and has 35 years of marketing experience, I hope one of the things I can bring to leadership is making sure that marketing messages are on target and efficiently delivered- because right now, they’re not.

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