Dayton Development Coalition grants another no-bid to Real Art

The Dayton Development Coalition is about to launch a new website. That’s good, because the old one was but ugly and absolutely useless without search capabilities.

Apparently, the contractor is Real Art, owned in part by Bev Shillito, one of the trustees. And once again, no-bid, although I’m pretty sure the DDC can’t say that Real Art is “the only one qualified to do this work” as they did with the branding effort awarded to Lori Turner, wife of Congressman Mike Turner and her firm, Turner Effect.

DaytonOS has been doing a great job of digging through the DDC financials, opening up even more questions. I highly recommend reading the whole thing:

Dayton Development Coalition Spends Millions in Taxpayer Funds With NO Public Oversight : DaytonOS
In addition to the several million the Coalition uses to fund itself through the it’s 501 (c) (6) corporation known as the Dayton Development Coalition, the Coalition maintains several other non-profit corporations it uses to funnel it’s funding. Development Projects Inc. (aka Miami Valley Economic Development Projects Inc) is maintained by the Coalition a separate 501 (c) (6) corporation.

A follow up piece launched today, examining the sub corp.

Coalition’s (Development Research Corporation) : DaytonOS
Another non-profit operated by the Dayton development Coalition is the Development Research Corporation (DRC) The DRC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation headed by Coalition President JP Nauseef.

WordPress seems to be stripping some data out of the table, but read the linked docs.

The big question is when will the Feds jump in and investigate.

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