Dayton Daily news trying to go out of business

I stopped getting the print edition long ago, when they couldn’t ever get the paper to my door by 6am.
The joys of even the lousy “e-paper” was that it was always available when I got up.

Until today. First a blank white screen. Then a notice to login. Then a notice that I needed to change my password because there had been a data leak. Then, even after changing my password, still nothing. And note, not only did the iPad edition not work, but the “e-paper” from the home page didn’t work either.

So I call “customer service” and get asked 20 questions- to find my account? When she asks for my “account number”- I say forget it. You’re not trying to help me.

So much for supporting local “journalism” in my post, just yesterday. Every subscriber should cancel and then maybe they’ll get the message.

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