Dayton Daily News censors comments by political opposition

UPDATE: 11am- apparently it’s a computer glitch. Still would like to see comment moderation on the site.

Hmm, the newspaper apparently is afraid of me posting links back to my responses to their articles.

Comments that I’ve left on their article about Dayton’s $20 million shortfall- not posted. They don’t want you to see “Belt tightening isn’t going to solve the Dayton financial problem”

The real question is how can they allow the vile, stupid, nasty comments- but, delete the ones by potential new community leaders and still think of themselves as a part of our community?

Are you sick of the Dayton bashing on the DDN site? The total lack of moderation ability (and there are simple tools to do this like disqus)? Do you wonder why they censor a candidate– yet always give the incumbents a chance to be heard?

Call and ask for Ray Marcano-
Ray Marcano
Cox Ohio Publishing
1611 S. Main St.
Dayton, Ohio 45409
[email protected]
Tell him Esrati sent you.

And then tell him what you really think of his “newspaper.”

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