December 2006

Visions for Dayton for the new year

This isn’t a comprehensive list- just some ideas- you are welcome to add to them. The debate over one way street conversion in Downtown stops- when someone realizes there is no longer any good reason to still be downtown. All of a sudden- the landlords decide to stop paying taxes on their property to “the Read More

Does this mean no Wal-Mart in Ballpark Village?

Yesterday, the Dayton City Commission got engaged in a sideshow stunt- taunting Wal-Mart with a pointless informal resolution. Of course, when Wal-Mart wants to actually build something inside the city, they will be the kings of sucking up. It’s this kind of loss of focus on local issues that has got us where we are. Read More

Sinclair loses focus- and costs go up.

Funded by Montgomery County taxpayers- Sinclair Community College is one of our greatest competitive advantage resources. Unfortunately, since President Steven Johnson took over, it’s as if the college caught the sprawl bug. Remote classrooms in YMCA’s, expansion into Greene and Warren Counties- it seems as if there are no limits to what the school thinks Read More

State lawmakers making it tough for Dayton Public Schools

Dayton Public Schools should be the central character in a Rocky type movie- beaten, down, given no chance of survival, they’ve been fighting their way back to legitimacy over the last four years. The school board, the Superintendent and a bunch of very hard working, underpaid and devoted teachers are taking on challenges of poverty, Read More

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