July 2006

Another story of Economic Dysfunction in Dayton

There is a little grocery at the corner of Wayne and Keowee, four blocks from my house. As someone who was raised on pita bread, fresh made hummus, fresh figs, dates and olives- Halal market is one of my favorite things about living in South Park. It’s tiny- even compared to a mini-mart, with cans Read More

Dayton Public to give free college?

I know I was late- but, I was there for all of the Dayton Public Schools speaker- John Carr very carefully picked his words, didn’t make any stunning announcements- and he left the moment the meeting was over- so when I picked up the Dayton Daily News this morning and read the headline:“Dayton Schools propose Read More

Grassroots Greater Dayton- schools

I was late. That sucked. I’m sorry. Missed the interesting part- well most of it. But, there was this part about the Kalamazoo Promise- where the city of Kalamazoo was offering their public schools graduates a free four-year college degree. Next thing you knew- all the for-sale signs came down. Instead of tax abatements – Read More

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