Could Mike Turner switch parties after the election?

A neighbor has an Obama sign right next to a Mike Turner sign. It’s grated on me for a while, until I started thinking- could Turner do a Jim Jeffords and become a Dem? Party switching happens– and if you believe Turner to do what’s politically expedient, there are two good reasons for switching:

  • In 2010 there will be redistricting in Ohio- which should make Montgomery County whole again. This district that was held by Democrat Tony Hall for 22 years, was custom carved for Turner to win after Hall was artfully manipulated into stepping down.
  • If Obama wins and the House and Senate remain democratic, it’s going to be harder for Mike to keep his pork flowing to his friends.

The recent no votes on the bailout with the grassroots posturing could be the springboard for his being born again as a populist urban pioneer and protector of the people.

If Mike is truly against the bailout because it doesn’t help people with their mortgages, does this mean he’s for regulation of the banking industry? Caps on executive compensation? Limiting credit card rates?

Because of the lack of real journalists in Dayton, we’re missing the substance behind his vote. I’ve asked Jane Mitakides how she would have voted on the a bailout- and not gotten an answer, now, I’m asking Mike Turner for his alternative proposals for the bailout he voted against.

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